Job searching can be a daunting task. With ever changing trends throughout the years, many job seekers find themselves struggling to start the process and make a plan. Finding and applying for open positions has yet again taken on a different look in 2016. Here are some tips to get you started in order to make 2016 your most successful year for job searching yet!
Create a “hot list”
Write up a list of companies you would love to work for, this is a great way to visualize your goals and to focus your job search. It is also important to target your job search, figuring out the position you want next. Many resumes now require branding for positions due to the influx of applications received and the increased use of Applicant Tracking Systems Software – seeking the right keywords and phrases.
Revamp your Arsenal
Companies want to know your experience, but they also want to know what drives you. What have been your greatest accomplishments, achievements and major contributions? Does your resume, portfolio, LinkedIn profile, twitter and other tools you are using convey these? If not, it’s time to give them an overhaul.
Social Media – The Go to Platform
With it’s expanding reach into every facet of our lives, it’s not surprising that social media will affect the job search process as well. Being on the cutting-edge in the digital age require you to be well versed in the lingo as well as maintain a proper image. Do you have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram that can be seen by a prospective employer? Hiring Managers are using these platforms to source candidates, so it is imperative for these accounts to have a professional image and profile that communicates your value.
Use your Network
Employers want to know you’re going to be dedicated and motivated, this is why references have substantially increased in importance. Nothing makes you look better than a great reference, however it is important to ask the right people. Pick up the phone or hop online to get in contact with a recruiter, coworkers, teachers, old bosses or anyone that can vouch for you and your work ethic.
Know your Worth
Your skills and talents are worth something. Knowing the fair-market value is important when asking for the amount you deserve, you don’t want to look naïve asking for something too low or too high. You can easily research the job’s salary range, finding typical job salaries for people with similar experience and skills in your industry. Without having this kind of data you won’t be able to support your case for the salary you want.
The Lowdown
Keep important people throughout the process informed. Talking to a recruiter is a good place to start, they often have an inside scoop on jobs that are available before they are even posted. Along the way keep organized with a job search notebook. This will allow you to track the entire process so you’re up to speed when you get a call from an employer.
Use these tips to help you achieve career happiness in 2016. Need help finding opportunities? Get started with an ETS, Inc. recruiter by clicking here.