Putting your best foot forward when searching for a job means creating a resume that not only stands out, but conveys a fine-tuned message of who you are. Having a solid resume is a critical part in creating a great first impression. Here are some helpful tips on how to improve your chances of being seen as a must-have employee.
Simplicity is key
Hiring managers aren’t reading resumes like they used to. They scan and make quick judgments based upon the content they are presented with, so you better make sure it is worth their time! To make sure your resume stands a chance be sure to use buzzwords that are found on the job posting.
Include all relevant skills and work information, make sure there are no employment gaps and if there are be ready to positively address them.
Keep your resume clean and easy to read, bad formatting makes it hard to find the important details. This means deleting any extra space if using a template like the one found below.
Proof Read
Use spell-check, their’s nothng worst then teribble grammer and spelling.
Pressing Send
When emailing your resume the preferred file format to send is a PDF version. Make sure to use a normal, generic email address like john.smith@gmail.com and make sure your name, “John Smith” appears in the recruiter’s inbox.
Go the extra mile and link your e-mail address in the resume, so anyone reading it is only a click away from contacting you.
ETS Resume Template
If you need help creating your resume, follow the template below:
ETS Resume Template

Didn’t find the advice you were looking for here? Stop by the ETS office and speak to our staff. Our recruiters are on the front lines of hiring, they know what works, what doesn’t, and how to help you get noticed.