You’ve heard time and time again to be wary of what you post on social media. With modern technology and advancing social platforms, we’re not here to just reiterate that, we’re here to let you know just HOW important your social presence is – especially when it comes to scoring the job you deserve.

As experts in hiring, we see it everyday. A poorly communicated comment, a photo of a crazy night out — these posts can lead to more consequences than just a misperception of who you are, they can completely take you out of the running for a job opportunity. Employers are using social media for hiring. They’re looking for the total picture, and that includes who you are online. Here’s how they’re cross-checking your eligibility.

Job Applications Via Social Media
Facebook and LinkedIn are two social media sites where candidates apply to jobs through their profile on that platform. By clicking “Apply”, you’re giving hiring managers direct access to your profile, this includes your profile photo, your name and any work and education experience you have listed, not to mention easy access to view your profile depending on your privacy settings. *Applying to jobs via social media sites is not only super easy, it’s a great way to connect with employers – You can message back and forth on a platform your already using, making it a much quicker process to set up an interview.

Social Media Scanning Tools
Employers are additionally screening candidates by purchasing tools to scan through their social media profiles. These tools are in pursuit of red flags, and report out on any questionable content or behaviors. *While the fear of something embarrassing or negative being discovered might tempt you to completely erase your online persona, don’t! That strategy can backfire, as many employers won’t call a person for an interview if they can’t find them online. Instead, clean up and fine tune your social presence to stand out in a positive way and showcase your personality. Almost half of employers have found content on a social media site that caused them to hire the candidate.

Researching Current Employees
Even after you’re hired, employers will continue to monitor your online presence. Nearly a third of employers have found social media posts that caused them to reprimand or fire an employee. *Before you think your social media post ranting about you co-worker is just among “friends” think again.

Take it from us, your social media profiles have a big impact on prospective employers – don’t underestimate their power! Not to be cliche but, bottom line – think before you post. Think about your online reputation and craft a presence that will help you get ahead, instead of hinder your pursuits, in landing the opportunity you deserve.

Once you’ve cleaned up your profiles, engage with our social media accounts and connect with our recruiters on Facebook and LinkedIn to find a rewarding career.