How would you describe your job search status? Are you currently employed and open to hearing about new career opportunities, but would rather not devote your time and effort to a full-blown job search? If you’re nodding along and this sounds like you, you’re not alone.
Passive job seekers, like you, currently account for 75% of today’s workforce. With a pulse on the employment market and an open mind, this low-key attention keeps you in the loop and prepared to job hunt at any given time.
Passive job seekers who invest a little time in staying job search ready will save a lot of time (and stress) getting up to speed when they need to job search. Here are five tips for being a passive job seeker:
1. Be an Active LinkedIn User
LinkedIn is today’s virtual resume, and hiring managers actively search the site for possible candidates. To increase the chance of receiving an offer in your inbox, keep your profile active, current and compelling. You can also increase your visibility by adding connections, joining groups, following interesting companies and starting discussions. These are low-effort, high-impact ways to attract the eyes of potential employers on LinkedIn.
2. Like and follow
Don’t stop with LinkedIn. The days when Facebook and Twitter were only used for personal networking are gone. Use these social platforms to follow firms you’d like to work for. Amid product launches and news updates, organizations often post and tweet job opportunities.
3. Build a Career Network
Industry events offer good ways to get exposure and professional development. Attend conferences, seminars, workshops and networking events, and mingle with the speakers and attendees afterwards. You don’t have to spend a lot of time networking, but do take the time to add connections to your network on a regular basis. The bigger your network, the more opportunities you’ll have access to.
4. Update your Resume
Have an updated resume ready to go. In preparation for that dream job that may come your way, keep your resume and cover letter up to date. If an opening at a company strikes your fancy, you’re fully prepared to quickly tailor your documents, upload your files and click send.
5. Work with a recruiter
For the passive job candidate, an ETS recruiter can be an invaluable resource, because they can practically run a search for you. Many companies work exclusively with ETS to conduct “quiet” searches on their behalf. Our recruiters have access to many opportunities which are not known to the general public and can notify you right away when an open position fits your career vision.
If you’re a passive job seeker, you don’t have to dedicate a lot of time searching for an ideal position. These tips can help you become more successful and make your next exciting career move a smooth one — all with minimal effort.