It’s Thursday, and that means football! Now, you may be asking yourself, “What does football have to do with my job search?” Well, surprisingly enough, there is a lot a job seeker can learn from this electrifying game.
Check out our “Job Seeker’s Playbook” below for a look at the lessons you can learn from the NFL.
There is no “I” in Team
You can’t overstate the value of teamwork in football. Football is a game where no single player can do much of anything without tons of help from the team. Remember that as a job seeker, you have a team to rely on too.
Before you submit your resume and cover letter, ask family, friends and your recruiter to read them over. They may help you find errors you would otherwise miss. Job seekers tend to feel they are on their own, but networking really is teamwork. Join groups online and attend networking events. You can meet people, earn referrals, learn more about your industry, and get some tips and advice on how to grow.
Recovery After a Sack
Many job seekers can relate to being “sacked”. It’s a reality in the job search just as it is in football, where setbacks and misfortune are a major theme. But have you ever seen a quarterback stomp off the field and quit after a sack? Quarterbacks know it’s part of the game. They recover quickly and begin planning their next strategy for moving forward.
As a job seeker, you will experience upsets and disappointment. That interviewer may not follow up with you. Your connection may not submit a referral for you. Your application may not even be seen by a hiring manager. You need to prepare for these setbacks. When you face a setback, step away. Then regroup after you let yourself process it, and get back to your job search. Reaffirm your belief in yourself by looking at your past experiences and skill set, then refocus your search on companies that matter to you.
Focus on the Bigger Picture
Success in football is all about trying several times to accomplish a goal. Sometimes a first down is achieved on the initial play, but often it’s not. The players never give up after the first failed play. They know it may take several tries and they stick with it. Stay focused on the long-term goal of finding a career opportunity that aligns with your values and your professional goals.
If you have an offer for a position that is outside the career path you want, then perhaps you should should hold off on settling and pursue a more meaningful job that fits into your professional goals.
Every player on every team goes through rough days, failed plays and big losses. But they stick with it and two lucky teams make it all the way to the Superbowl. Optimism, strategy, self-belief, great coaching and, of course, amazing fan support all help propel them to victory.
Now pass the buffalo chicken dip, and tell us how can we help you achieve your goals!