ETS believes in the power of being part of the community, knowing our neighbors and volunteering in the areas we serve. We believe that as a business, we must make a commitment, both short and long-term, to our people and our communities.

Take a look at our initiatives and partnerships for 2020:


A series of engaging, interactive career and life preparedness lessons aimed toward the emerging and current workforce. The Ready4Real team is always looking to partner with area companies for in-class presentations, facility tours, internships, and the culminating networking event.

Clinton Community College Career Services

Clinton Community College and ETS are partnering to create a ground-breaking and innovative Career Services Center. The new CCC Career Hub, powered by ETS and their work readiness program Read4Real, will be providing students with hiring insights, career guidance and connections to companies like yours.


An 8-week hands on, minds on training program. Since 2010, AIME (Assembling Industry Manufacturing Education) has been preparing and training individuals throughout the North Country for new opportunities, aiming to provide a clear pathway to a career in manufacturing. AIME is a partnership between ETS, CV-TEC and Clinton Community College. The highly sought after graduates of the AIME program participate in an employment seminar at the end of the class.

Manufacturing Day

North Country Manufacturing Day addresses common misperceptions about manufacturing by giving manufacturers an opportunity to showcase, in a coordinated effort, what manufacturing is — and what it isn’t. This action-packed industry comes to life as students interact with advanced machinery, like 3-D printers, CNC mills, hydraulics equipment, augmented reality and more. Students rotate through stations engaging with employers and asking questions to help inform their future career choices.

Career Connect

Career Connect provides eighth and ninth grade students from North Country schools the opportunity to explore careers. Students come with questions, relating to their careers of interest, for area businesses and organizations to provide first-hand insight on. This opportunity gives businesses a chance to promote their industry to the future generation, and for the students to gain knowledge of local career opportunities, the training and education needed, and possible advancement opportunities.

Second Chance Programs

ETS continues to collaborate with organizations throughout the community to aide in the successful transition of individuals back into the community.

We’re always looking to grow our program partners. From tours, to in-class presentations, work experience and networking events, if your company is looking for ways to get involved and support the community – let us know by live chatting us now.

**Be on the look out for an exciting NEW program announcement this February**