Manufacturing is the foundation of our economy, but a massive skills gap threatens to leave more than 2 Million manufacturing jobs unfilled in the next decade. We need the next generation to start seeing manufacturing as an exciting career option. That’s why Manufacturing Day was created! Be a part of the the movement; come see what manufacturing is all about.

​Area high schools are invited to the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing at Clinton Community College to get a first hand look at the IAM, discover local manufacturers, explore careers in this rapidly growing industry, and learn about the pathways to get there.

About NCMFG Day

North Country MFG DAY addresses common misperceptions about manufacturing by giving manufacturers an opportunity to open their doors and show, in a coordinated effort, what manufacturing is — and what it isn’t. By working together during and after MFG DAY, manufacturers can connect with future generations, and ensure the ongoing prosperity of the industry.

NCMFG Day is a coordinated effort a part of National MFG Day. MFG Day is supported by a group of industry sponsors and co-producers, designed to amplify the voice of individual manufacturers and coordinate a collective chorus of manufacturers with common concerns and challenges. The rallying point for a growing mass movement, MFG DAY empowers manufacturers to come together to address their collective challenges so they can help their communities and future generations thrive.

NCMFG Day Committee

The NCMFG Day would not be possible without our dedicated Committee Partners:

What is Manufacturing Day?

NCMFG Day addresses the common misperceptions about manufacturing by giving manufacturers, like you, an opportunity to open their doors and show, in a coordinated effort, what manufacturing is – and what it isn’t. When participants hear your stories first hand in a fun engaging way, they get excited about the possibilities of a manufacturing career.

Empowering manufacturers to come together to:​

      • Address the skilled labor shortage
      • Connect with future generations
      • Brand manufacturing as a community centerpiece
      • Ensure ongoing prosperity of the whole industry
      • Share your craft and company culture

Who Participates in Manufacturing Day?
Manufacturers throughout North America in industries including metal fabrication and machining, plastics, food processing, chemical and bio-technology, and aerospace, among others. Community and technical colleges and other educational institutions that prepare students for manufacturing careers also participate.


What is Manufacturing?

It depends who you ask. Merriam-Webster defines manufacturing as “the process of making products, especially with machines in factories.” While that is technically true, those machines today likely include robots and conveyors. The factories may be as small as a one-room house or as large as a city block, and may very well be full of computers and sensors. The products can be everything from wind turbines to potato chips to silicon


For consumers, manufacturing is behind all the products we buy and use. For economists, manufacturing represents value-added production and a source of wealth in a community.

For millions of workers and their families, manufacturing means jobs — designing machinery, developing products, fixing robots, working in software, working in green technology, to name just a few. ​

Getting Started

By getting involved in North Country Manufacturing Day, educators can help students and parents understand the career opportunities available in today’s manufacturing sector and help them prepare for the future.

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