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Ready4Real delivers innovative and relevant curriculums to youth and adults to prepare them for real life.




Ready4Real teaches these vital work readiness skills by instilling confidence in our students.

Through technical, professional, and life lessons, we help people prepare to succeed in their lives and careers. R4R serves our community by offering professional and skill-based training programs and workshops to instill confidence in individuals to connect them with relevant resources to meet their goals, and to meet the needs of local employers.

Upcoming Programming:

Ready2Vote Youth Citizenship Conference May 11 & 13, 2021
Ready2Create info session June 15th
Ready2Work Internship

Program Sessions

Session 1

Smarts How Do I Get More or Leverage What I Have?

Multiple Intelligences. Emotional Intelligence. Lifelong Learning

Session 2

A Different Kind of Selfie

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Strong Interest Inventory

Session 3

The Situation

Situational Judgement. Real-life Workplace Scenarios

Session 4

The Lost Art of Conversation

How to have meaningful face-to-face conversations

Session 5

A$AP Rocky

All about financial literacy. 401K, IRA, HSA, Dental, Vision and how long you can really stay on your parents’ health insurance

Session 6

Health & Nutrition

Q: “How’d you sleep?” A: “Great – I got a full 40 minutes.”

Session 7

You Only Get One Shot

Resume editing workshop

Session 8

“Am I ready for this interview?” FALSE. The correct question is: “Is this interview ready for me?”

Interview Tips. What NOT to wear. Social Media Sabotage.

Session 9

The Professional Interview

Interview with an ETS recruiter

Session 10

Talk to People While Eating Food

Networking with community members and organizations. The modern “Elevator Pitch”. Community Involvement. Professionals Panel


Connecting Youth with Business

We’re prioritizing youth, but we can’t do this alone. Help us create the bridge between education and successful employment.

Work Experience expands the walls of the classroom by exposing students to a variety of industries and skills in ways that are not possible in the classroom alone. Ready4Real Work Experience partnerships give students the opportunity to develop skills that align with their career interests.

Become a Work Experience Partner

Work Experience Employer Benefits

  • Promote your industry and career to help students realize the area’s robust opportunities

  • Increased productivity with training tailored specifically to your business needs

  • Demonstrate commitment to community
  • Engage students who may become future employees building and improving your talent pipeline
  • Bridge the youth skills gap
  • Work Experience wage subsidy
  • Recognition and promotion

What the community is saying

I’m so thankful I was able to participate in Ready4Real. This program has given me opportunities I wouldn’t have gotten in my life if I wasn’t a part of it. I have the ambition to become something great and Ready4Real has been a huge motivator for me to achieve my goals.

Kareena, Ready4Real Participant

Ready4Real has provided our students with assessments to aid career exploration, individual attention to determine worthwhile work experience opportunities, access to the National Work Readiness Credential, and notable field trips like visiting the NY State Capitol. As an educator focusing on College and Career Readiness I look forward to future collaboration with the Ready4Real program.

Vicki Gardener, Chateaugay High School

The Ready4Real program is an amazing opportunity for any student, regardless if they are going to attend college or join the workforce! I wish it was available when I was in school. The idea of bringing these young students into the real world and showing them what a potential job looks like along with preparing them with the tools they need to succeed is awesome. We look forward to continuing working with the Ready4Real ETS team and the students!

Ryan Douglas, Camso