It’s summertime, and that means companies throughout the region are kicking into high gear. During this “busy” season, opportunities for seasonal (or temporary) positions are more plentiful than ever.

Many people solely focus on landing a permanent position, but temporary jobs offer surprising benefits. Whether you’re seeking a side gig to supplement your income, a flexible schedule, a way to develop new skills and fill out your resume, or even a bridge to permanent employment, temporary jobs can be the strategic move you need.

What is a seasonal job?
Seasonal jobs are temporary and short-term by definition. Many positions are only necessary during certain times of the year, so companies only need employees during that time period.

Types of seasonal opportunities?
Think seasonal jobs are limited to receptionists and office clerks? Think again. Many people don’t realize it, but there are a variety of temporary positions throughout a variety of industries, from manufacturing and hospitality to accounting and drivers. Whatever your skill set, you have plenty of options.

Here a just a few temporary opportunities we currently have:

  • Event Linens Assistant
  • Grounds Security Guard
  • Construction Carpenter
  • Automotive Detailer
  • Production Associate
  • Truck Loader
  • Electronic Repair Technician
  • Customer Service & Sales Representative
  • Customer Service & Sales Support Specialist
  • Medical Receptionist
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Temporary careers are becoming increasingly common in the American workplace, because of these rewards and advantages:

  • Speedy hiring process
  • A source of income – generating financial stability
  • Learning new skills
  • Improving your resume
  • Showing dedication to future employers
  • Test drive a career field – shedding light on what you do and don’t like
  • Expanding your contacts – easier networking opportunities
  • A possible path to a permanent position – It could be your next career

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