As 2017 kicks off, there hasn’t been a better time in recent history to be thinking about pathways to a new career here in the Champlain Valley. While the unemployment rate for New York State is at 5%, the rate here in the Champlain Valley is 4.9% which is close to full employment. This at a time when companies like Norsk Titanium and Resolute are moving into the area seeking to build a workforce.
Local employers are in an almost constant search for talent and have turned to ETS to help them find great employees. Did you know that ETS helped over 150 unique companies find employees over the last 12 months? We’ve helped banks find Presidents, manufacturers find engineers and television stations find sales people. We’ve helped companies find apple packers, diesel mechanics and comic book packers. Hundreds and hundreds of jobs have been filled in every imaginable field. And in each case, an ETS recruiter worked with a company who needed help in finding that perfect employee.
Wages are on the rise in the Champlain Valley, especially in the manufacturing realm. Manufacturing jobs are plentiful and on the rise here. Most manufacturers offer great pay, benefits and pathways to job growth down the line. Companies like NovaBus, Johns Manville, Camso, 3DRDP, Vapor Stone Rail, Schluter Systems and dozens more actually build things right here in our community. Maybe you’ve heard of these companies and for a variety of reasons have been reluctant to entertain a career in manufacturing. Perhaps you’ve always worked in retail or food/beverage service and don’t feel you have the skills to make the transition. Maybe you feel you don’t have the education needed to enter that field.
These are common perceived barriers that an ETS recruiter can help you overcome. Most manufacturing employers want to see a strong work history and enthusiasm. If you have that, you are almost all the way there when it comes to entry level manufacturing jobs. In addition to that, there are many educational opportunities – some only a few hours long – that can help you make the jump to a new, more lucrative and rewarding career.
Don’t sell yourself short! Now is the time to jump into a new, exciting career. Even if you just want to explore what the area has to offer, stop in and talk to a recruiter. The best part about our service is that our clients (local employers) pay us to find you! There is never a cost for job seekers.
Connect with your career! With offices located in Plattsburgh, NY and Burlington, VT, stop by or call 518.562.4673 to speak with a recruiter and gain a partner in your career success.