Is finding a new job on your New Year’s resolution list? As 2022 approaches, now is the perfect time to begin your career search. Whether you’re brand new to the job market or plan to continue your search from 2021, make sure to start strong and lead with a positive mindset. 

Follow our tips and you’ll be one step closer to landing the job you actually want in 2022:  

Lead with an open mind

As you navigate your job search at the start of 2022, be sure to keep an open mind. Be willing to embrace the journey ahead of you, including all of the ups and downs. Don’t self-reject – stay positive and put yourself out there! This will ensure that you are one step closer to finding the job you actually want.

Say yes to new opportunities 

Having an open mind means saying yes to new opportunities. Saying yes can help you grow as an individual and in your career. It can open doors to adventures you didn’t even know were possible. 

Embrace new challenges and collaborations to be innovative and step out of your typical everyday environment. When you are consistently learning new things, you are able to better understand the future career path you want.

Don’t be afraid to make a career switch 

Step out of your comfort zone, and try something new. Gain industry knowledge from areas outside of your wheelhouse, and venture into new fields. Push yourself to discover different industries, and don’t be afraid to embrace a career switch. 

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Upgrade your skills

Spend the extra time fine-tuning your skills. Research the best way to highlight your skills across your resume, cover letter and during an interview. Understand trending topics in your industry and identify where you need improvement. From there, look for opportunities to fill that gap and boost your overall talents. 

Ask for help 

Be able to acknowledge that you may not be able to navigate your career search all on your own, and ask for help. There are so many different opportunities out there, you may be getting lost in the midst. Skip the over-saturated job boards and work with a staffing agency to better understand the market and opportunities that are available to you. 

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