The job search is stressful. No truer words were ever spoken. First, you have to find the right position to apply for, then you need to figure out if it fits your lifestyle and needs, next comes trying to set yourself apart from the crowd – overwhelmed yet?
To help your job search be as productive and successful as possible, we’ve compiled a list of advice and tips from our expert ETS recruiters. Read on to brush up on the latest job search strategies.
“Stop treating your resume like a transactional document. Give yourself a competitive edge by using your experiences to craft compelling stories that demonstrate your results. However, a resume isn’t one and done. Even if you’re looking at jobs that are all within the same industry, it’s still important to tailor your resume so that it matches each specific job you apply to.”
Joe Shoemaker, Professional Search Division Manager
“Myself and hiring managers alike will be looking you up on google – you should do the same to ensure that your digital footprint is recruiter-ready. Scroll down at least 4 pages to see what appears. If you find content that concerns you, take note – including those that may be about other people who share your name. With that being said, you should take every opportunity you can to build your online personal brand – use social media to stay connected, visible and engaged in your network.”
Brittany Leonard, Industrial Recruiter
“Do your research. Be sure to arm yourself with information about the work the business does. Check out the company website, social media and research the people you will be speaking to. Take notes and come prepared with at least 3 questions.”
Josh Depo, Industrial Recruiter
“As you foster and develop your relationship with your recruiter, it is important to always be communicative. It’s your recruiter’s job to ask the tough questions and your responsibility to be authentic. Open and honest communication about what you are really looking for in your next position, what is going to make you happy, where you are in your job search, etc., will be the most helpful to your recruiter and those helping you land your next job.”
Cynthia Lathrem, Sr. Industrial Recruiter
“Don’t just focus on the job title – look at the skills they’re seeking. Job titles are constantly changing. Focusing on the required skills of a position can open up your search to titles you didn’t even know matched your experience.”
Del Rock, Sr. Industrial Recruiter
“Focus on your soft skills. Yes, hard skills are super important, but companies are increasingly looking for employees who fit in with their company culture. Companies aren’t just hiring people to do a job — they’re hiring co-workers, which means your soft skills can make you the ideal hire.”
Jon Seiden, Office/Admin Recruiter
“When looking for a job, culture, opportunity for growth, work/life balance, and volunteer initiatives should outweigh your compensation. Sharing the same values the company touts and working in an environment where employees are actually happy to be at work will set you up for success.”
Lauren Richter, Office/Admin Recruiter
“It’s important to research a company but even more important to research what your role will be in that company. Knowing the career path this position could take, and understanding if there are opportunities for advancement, is critical. You want to come out of the process feeling certain of the opportunity, so don’t be afraid to ask specific questions about the role during the interview.”
Tyler Davis, Vermont Recruiter
No job search strategy is one and done. Our tips can help fine-tune your strategy, but if you find yourself wanting more advice and guidance, our ETS recruiters are here to help you every step of the way. Cut out unnecessary time and frustration – start a relationship with one of our recruiters today and get noticed by the right people.