It’s perfectly normal to get nervous during an interview, after-all, there’s a lot to think about and prepare for in order to make a great impression.

But all it takes is a wrong phrase or two, to send up red flags to the hiring manager.

Here’s what to say if you DON’T want the job (because clearly you have no interest in the job if you are saying these things.)

“Sorry I’m late, I had the wrong time.”
One of the main factors of a candidate’s success is how punctual they are. If you wrote down the wrong time, or are late because of other factors, employers will presume you’re bad at staying organized and have poor time management – or worse, that you just don’t care.
What to do: Arrive 10-15 minutes early so you have time to prepare and gather your thoughts.

“Can you explain to me what you do?”
Interviewers expect basic company information to already be known.
What to do: Research the company ahead of time. This will allow you to have more of a conversation during the interview.

“My last boss was just terrible.”
Word to the wise, NEVER badmouth a former employer.
What to do: Keep your tone neutral, and refocus your narrative on what you’ve gained from the experience and you’re goals for the future.

“I forget what I put on my resume.”
Employers notice when candidates come to interviews well prepared, and not knowing what was referenced on your resume will make them wonder if you are telling the truth.
What to do: Make sure you are up to date on what you listed on your resume for this particular job, and be prepared to talk about those skills and experiences.

“Hey, can I call you right back?”
Answering a phone call during an interview is a quick way to show your unfocused and disrespectful, and an even quicker way to lose a job opportunity.
What to do: Make sure your phone is set on silent before the interview starts. This will show that you are taking the interview process seriously.

“I think you answered all of my questions.”
Not asking any questions shows a lack of interest.
What to do: Do your research and come prepared with at least 3 relevant questions.

In an interview, you want the hiring manager to see that you have the right set of skills, a great personality, and the drive to succeed. By steering clear of these phrases and preparing ahead of time, you’ll ensure a memorable interview – in a good way! Our expert Recruiters can make sure your prepared for the interview, giving you inside tips and advice on what employers are looking for. Schedule an appointment to meet with an ETS Recruiter now.