Local industry throughout New York and Vermont is rapidly expanding. These areas are hubs for manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and distribution. With an increase in demand for their products and services comes an increase in their dedication to their employees – making warehousing jobs more attractive than ever.

As a Warehouse Associate, it’s important to know: Are you developing the right skills to earn more money? What type of pathway is your career on? What specific skills do you need to gain to advance? How much experience do you need to take on a promotion?

Our ETS Industrial Recruiters are experts in the warehousing job market, and they’re dishing out the key skills that make the difference between who gets ahead and who just gets by.

“Previous experience plays a part in how much you’ll be able to make, and what your role will be in the warehouse. The good news is many warehousing companies offer on-the-job training and don’t require prior experience for their entry level roles.” – Tyler, VT Recruiter

“Building trust is the fastest way to advance your career. Before honing in on special skills, cover the basics – show up on time, complete your initiatives, and focus on quality. This will broaden your options when it comes to future opportunities.” – Virginia, NY Recruiter  

“Generally, a little experience can go a long way in terms of advancement in a warehouse. A strong understanding of a given system or piece of equipment you have been working on, and a confident response about the particulars of how you operated them will convey to a prospective employer that you are knowledgeable.” – Del, NY Recruiter

“Soft skills are a huge focus among employers throughout every industry. Someone may have a ton of experience, but if their soft skills – leadership, reliability, problem solving, team player, good attitude – aren’t developed employers aren’t considering them for management positions. Look for ways to prove you are motivated, positive and responsible – these qualities will help you stand out.” – Nicole, VT Recruiter

“Experience operating equipment is pretty rare among warehouse workers, so any chance to learn on forklifts or reach trucks will make you much more valuable. If your job offers training programs, jump at the opportunity.” – Cyndie, NY Recruiter

“There are many leadership positions in a warehouse environment. Team leader, shift leader, manager, supervisor – each of these represent a bump in responsibility and pay, and each can be achieved by starting in an entry level role. It’s good to note that many employers prefer to promote from within.” – Josh, NY Recruiter

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