Workplace violence is violence or the threat of violence against workers. It can occur at or outside the workplace and can range from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults.
However it manifests itself, workplace violence is a growing concern for employers and employees nationwide. Who is vulnerable? Some 2 million American workers are victims of workplace violence each year. Workplace violence can strike anywhere, and no one is immune.
View our tips for preventing violence in the workplace below:
Do not wear jewelry or carry valuables into and out of the workplace – you are more likely to be targeted into
and out of the workplace – you are more likely to be targeted as a crime victim.
Use caution and, when possible, buddy up when leaving or entering the workplace during early morning or late evening hours.
If you are threatened by a coworker report the incident to management.
If violence looks likely to occur, stay composed, keep eye contact, and cooperate.
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