It’s day one on your new job; and that excitement and relief you felt when you aced the interview and heard the good news is now buried deep under nerves about starting the new opportunity.   
From making sure your attire is appropriate, to arriving on time and learning the ropes, it can be stressful – but there’s no need to panic!
Check out these simple things you can do to nail day one at your new gig, as told by our expert recruiters.

Start with the basics. Get the dress code right, arrive on time (15 minutes early), and make sure you know where to enter. Expert tip: It’s actually very easy to arrive late if you’ve never done the commute to your new job before – practice it at least one time so you know what kind of traffic to expect. – Brittany Leonard, Recruiter

Relax. Make sure you’re well rested and prepared – it will help optimize your productivity. Remember to be happy and enjoy the moment. – Cynthia Lathrem, Sr. Recruiter

Put your cell phone on silent. Be 100% present. – Meredith Hansen, Recruiter

Be a sponge. Try and soak up everything you can about the workplace. It will help you in the long run to try and get a quick handle on how each team works and everybody’s roles. Listen and observe to get a grasp on the big picture as well as priorities. – Lauren Richter, Recruiter

Smile. Your body language makes up a huge part of workplace communication – make sure you pay attention to it. – Virginia Seiden, Sr. Recruiter

Keep an open mind and try to maintain a positive attitude. Try to maintain a positive attitude. – Sarah Merkel-Goupil, Professional Recruiter

Ask questions. Although the first day is more about listening, you can and should ask questions. It demonstrates that you’re keen to learn and to get things right. (Not to mention, many companies have their own lingo, so it’s important to ask when you don’t know a term or acronym) – Del Rock, Sr. Recruiter

Don’t turn down lunch. If you’re offered to go grab a bite to eat with your new manager or co-workers, go. When there, try to spend time learning about them – it shows you want to be apart of the team and culture. – Joshua Depo, Recruiter

Lay foundations. If you understand your objectives and exactly what they want you to achieve from day one, you’ll set yourself up for success. – Sarah MacConnell, Professional Recruiter

Check in. At the end of the day when you’re getting ready to leave, ask your manager if there is anything else they need before you head out. – Jon Seiden, Recruiter

The first day sets the tone for the rest of your career, so it’s important to take a proactive approach. Follow our tips to give yourself the best possible start and make the most of this memorable time.