How to Make Real Changes to Get Off the Retail and Fast Food Train for GOOD!

Low pay rates punctuated by limited hours, shifting schedules, few opportunities for advancement, being disrespected and feeling disposable; sound familiar? With over 12.6 Million U.S. workers employed in the service industry in 2016, we aren’t surprised if you can relate to these realities.
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If your current job is in the retail or fast food industry, you may recognize these struggles:


When the customers forget how to form a single file line, and all hell breaks loose.


When a customer asks to speak with your manager.

In the Champlain Valley there is a systemic problem of talented individuals caught in the endless cycle of working a job with no clear pathway. It’s understandable that people end up working at places that they are familiar with. But there are better options! At ETS, we dedicate our efforts and resources to connecting individuals throughout the Champlain Valley with careers in manufacturing. These hands-on, minds-on opportunities allow individuals, no matter their skill level, to launch a distinguished career and create a clear pathway to success.
Manufacturing across the U.S. is a thriving industry that is constantly improving and innovating, and in the Champlain Valley we are experiencing the same momentum. The local manufacturing industry continues to flourish and grow, with sleek, technology-driven facilities, full of high-paid, fulfilling careers.
See what modern manufacturing is all about:

  • Manufacturing is on the cutting edge of technology, with ample use of automation, 3-D printing, robots, and screen technology.
  • The annual average salary of manufacturing workers is more than $77,000.
  • Manufacturers have the highest job tenure in the private sector.
  • 90% of manufacturing workers have medical benefits.

Manufacturing enables our everyday lives, drives our economy and offers many different rewarding careers. Take a look at the story of Manufacturing.
In the Champlain Valley, manufacturing is diverse. No longer will relaying details of your service industry job be met with disinterest and boredom. With a wide range of companies and products, the breadth of the industry gives you the opportunity to not only do something that matters, but do something that you’re passionate about. One of the best benefits to working in this industry is being able to work on real, tangible products and say “I made that.”
From high schoolers getting pressured by their parents to get their first job, to young adults who disillusioned college life and are back home looking for a different path, to individuals looking to make a career change, manufacturing can provide a clear pathway to grow and advance. From fabrication and welding to research and distribution, the possibilities are endless.
ETS is investing in pathways to launch a career in manufacturing and partnering with Champlain Valley organizations who see the value in creatively attracting new talent. ETS believes strongly in a Champlain Valley with unlimited opportunity and an educated workforce is essential to fulfilling that goal. That’s why we’re heavily involved in initiatives like Adirondack P-Tech, AIME (Assembling Industry: Manufacturing and Education), and the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing.
Interested in learning more about pathways to a career in manufacturing? Stop by our office or call 518.562.4673 to speak with a recruiter and gain a partner in your career success.