Picture this: it’s early Monday morning, you’re exhausted after a busy weekend, you’ve hit the snooze button more times then you want to admit and you don’t think there’s enough coffee in the universe to get you ready to face the work day, not to mention you just got that cushy tax refund, so you consider calling in – or worse quitting completely.
You’d be surprised how many individuals actually do quit their jobs, taking time off from their careers and in doing so creating gaps in their resume that become a showstopper for employers. The issue of gaps in employment history is a thorny one, and one that is brought up all of the time in terms of the overall picture your resume provides.
In short, your resume shows who you are as an individual. Having these long gaps in your work history usually gives employers the wrong impression about your capability, ambition and work ethic.
To steer clear of these red flags it is imperative to get up on that Monday morning and get motivated for the work day ahead. Check out our helpful hints to prepare for the day below!
Reasons to go to Work
To keep your mind in forward motion
For the impact it makes
For the reputation you build in the community
For the money
To socialize
To solve interesting problems
Motivation to go to Work
Incentivize yourself
Use a mantra
Take it one step at a time
Remember why you got the job to begin with
Make a commitment to yourself
What gets you ready to take on the day? We want to know, comment below with your thoughts!