When her ETS recruiter asked her what she wanted to do, Jamie responded, “What YOU do!”

Jamie is great at reading people! Her love for the Champlain Valley is reflected in her daily accomplishments, both at work and at home, which make her a rockstar team member. Check out her story!

What made you want to be a recruiting coordinator at ETS?

I remember walking in the door the first time, and meeting with a recruiter – as she was going through the questions, she asked, what do you want to make a career of – what could you see yourself doing – and I said right then and there – this – what you’re doing. I think I would love it. And I do.

What’s your favorite part of the Champlain Valley?

I love the exposure to so many different things – My son skis, my family loves the outdoors, we know we can travel two hours in any direction and see a great show or catch a flight – it’s really pretty great here.  

Any claims to fame? Maybe you won an air guitar contest or won a lifetime supply of Ben & Jerry’s in a raffle? Or what’s one thing people would never know about you?

As an adult, I’ve graced the front page of two local newspapers, once for my exemplary dodgeball skills (go Spantastics – league champions) , and another time performing with my belly dance troupe at Plattsburgh State.

What’s a superpower you’ve always wanted and how would you use this power?

I HAVE a superpower. I make people. . . lol. And I usually read people really well.

What’s the strangest question you’ve heard in an interview?

I was once asked what I would do if an employee were to throw a recyclable bottle into a trash bin instead of the appropriate recycling  bin. That was legitimately the whole question. I was a bit confused as to the reasoning behind it. I don’t remember how I answered. I didn’t get the job, shockingly.

What’s your favorite restaurant?
SIP, without a doubt. It’s pretty much the only place we choose when we have date night.

What was your first impression walking into ETS?
Wow, this place is gorgeous. And buzzing. The people are so friendly, and stylish – it’s like i walked into a Hollister or Abercrombie store by accident without the overpowering smell.

Tell me something about your job, that inspires you to go to work everyday.

My team!  We have a diverse group of people with incredible energies that play well off one another.

What’s your go-to coffee order?

Large Latte, one sugar (Iced or hot, i don’t mind)

What’s one piece of advice you give to candidates about to interview?

Maintain eye contact, try not to use filler words – take your time when answering.

The last TV show you binged?

The Haunting of Hill House…. Incredible.