Meet Ryan! His love for the area’s endless options for outdoor recreation, ability to crack a joke on a whim, and the deep personal interest he takes when meeting new people, are just a few things that make him a rock-star member of the ETS team. Check out this video to learn all about why you should get to know Ryan.

What made you want to work at ETS?
ETS has established itself as a leader in the Champlain Valley for staffing, recruiting, and training. When I knew I was interested in potentially entering this industry, I knew I wanted to work for the best.

What’s your favorite part of the Champlain Valley?
I’m someone who LOVES spending time outdoors and being active. The Champlain Valley offers so many options for outdoor activities regardless of the season (i.e. kayaking, camping, running, hiking, skiing, golfing, fishing, etc.)
What was your first impression walking into ETS?
From the very beginning, ETS struck me as a company focused on the future and staying as current and cutting edge as they can be. I think this culture of continuous growth and improvement is lost with a lot of companies in the staffing industry. It’s easier to stick to what’s worked in the past instead of evolve and grow with the times. ETS continually strives to stay on top of trends and technology.
What’s one thing people would never know about you?
I’m a closet musician – my wonderful wife calls me a walking one-man band. My best instrument is probably the guitar.
What’s a superpower you’ve always wanted and how would you use this power?
It would be really cool to be able to teleport. I would travel all over the world and continue to meet new people and experience new things… all while saving a few bucks on airline tickets.
What’s the strangest question you’ve heard in an interview?
When I was in college, I worked for the IT Helpdesk part time. For my interview, I was asked to tell a joke on the spot. It wasn’t necessarily a strange question, but certainly a unique one that I’ll remember for years to come. I had a joke it my back pocket, made the hiring manager laugh, and landed the job.
What’s your favorite restaurant?
I’m a huge fan of local restaurants, but I think my favorite here in Vermont is the Farmhouse. Great food and great craft beer options.
Name something that makes your job feel rewarding.
I love connecting with new people everyday as well as seeing the look on a client or candidate’s face when we’ve found them the perfect match.
What’s one piece of advice you give to potential clients?
Focus on your business. You have enough to worry about when it comes to managing your existing and growing your company. Let us do the heavy lifting by reviewing applications, conducting interviews, and negotiating salaries. By working with us, you can assure growth is never compromised and receives your full attention.