Considering waiting to start your job search or putting it on hold because of the holidays? Think again. Contrary to what you might think, hiring doesn’t stop during the holiday season. For businesses, the needs that drive hiring don’t change just because the holidays are bunched up on the last pages of the calendar.

Those who take advantage of this time will find themselves ahead of the game when the new year kicks off in January. Here’s why:

Companies are Hiring
While it is true that some hiring managers take PTO during the holiday season, don’t think for a minute that companies aren’t hiring. Take the job board for example, you’ll find tons of available jobs that employers need to fill immediately. Be sure to check sites like this regularly, so you don’t miss out on new openings.

“Real Work” Procrastination Leaves Time for Networking
Some hiring managers are bound to be in the “I’ll start that in January” state of mind. This is a plus for job seekers, as it can become easier to find time on their calendar for an interview.

A Seasonal Gig Could Turn Permanent
Job searching during the holidays means you could land a seasonal or “temporary” role. Companies typically keep some of the temporary employees they hire for the holidays, and you could be one of them if you make a good impression on your employer.

Less Competition
For some people, managing a job search during the holidays is not something they want to be bothered with. That’s fine, of course, but take advantage of their lack of motivation. It’s even easier when you use resources like an ETS Recruiter, they’ll act like your personal agent and deliver opportunities directly to you.

More Opportunities to Connect
You couldn’t pick a better time of year for networking. Send a cheery email or attend a community event. Many are in good moods and often feel reflective about the year that is almost over and the new year to come.

Staying engaged with a job search strategy that takes advantage of the opportunities of the season rather than using the time as an excuse for inaction is a smart way to accelerate your career. Losing interest in your search over the holidays will just make it harder to pick it back up again come January. Let the positivity of the season carry over into your job search and keep you on track.