Nearly half of employed U.S. adults say they’ll likely explore new work opportunities this year, according to the latest ASA Workforce Monitor Survey.

Now is a great time to be a job seeker—the historically low unemployment rate and elevated level of job openings are combining to give talented employees a leg up in the marketplace. When it comes to current jobs and career plans, these trends are affecting employees’ perspectives throughout the country. Are your future career plans similar?

Open to New Opportunities

This year, 48% of employed adults are likely to look for a new job, while 38% of employed adults are likely to change their career/industry/role.

Generation Matters

Millennials are most likely to change careers (51%), compared with one in three members of Gen X (34%) and two in five members of Gen Z (39%).

Finding the Perfect Job

Given how competitive the hunt for talent is for employers, it may come as a surprise that many workers still express a lack of confidence that they’ll find a job that is exactly the right fit for them. The ASA Workforce Monitor found that 44% of workers in the U.S. worry they’ll never find the perfect job. Three in five unemployed job seekers have this concern (61%), as do seven in 10 students (69%).

This also varies by industry sector—about half in office–administrative (51%), industrial (48%), and professional–managerial jobs (47%) feel this way compared with two in five health care workers (39%) and one in three workers in engineering, information technology, and scientific roles (32%).

The Current Market

With the unemployment rate continuing to dwindle and the labor market tightening, many workers have their sights set on new possibilities. If you’re one of the 48% of adults likely to look for a new job this year, it’s important to set yourself a part. Live chat our team now to connect with a Recruiter – you’ll get confidential guidance, local market data to understand your worth, and insider knowledge to learn the ins and outs of companies before you apply.