During the interview process, your future employer is sizing you up, not to just see if you can do the job, but to evaluate what type of employee you will be. You know you need to sell the hiring manager on why your background, skills and experience are a match for the position, but there’s one crucial piece of the puzzle you can’t overlook: Is your personality right for the job?
New research shows that an increasing majority of employers are recruiting for personality first and technical skills second, seeking a “cultural fit”. The understanding that interpersonal skills aren’t as trainable as technical ones is beginning to shift employers’ ideas about what makes an outstanding employee. Of course, the two aren’t mutually exclusive, with the ideal fit being someone whose attitude meshes with the company while also possessing the expertise to get the job done. When hiring, there are certain traits employers value most in an ideal candidate, check out our list of the most important below:
1.) Professionalism
Managers today are overworked and have little time to oversee day to day activities. With this, hiring talent that can get the job done without a lot of hand-holding is a significant priority. The ideal new hire comes up to speed quickly, asks appropriate questions and works independently.
2.) Emotional Intelligence
Those who are self-aware and know how their behaviors impact others are also more aware of their colleagues’ emotions. That means their interactions at work are more likely to be based on respect and consideration. They can collaborate effectively with a team, and work through differences.
3.) Resilient
These are the individuals who view their problems as opportunities, not hurdles. When the stakes are high they have the confidence to handle the situation appropriately. Great employees are confident in their abilities, but they keep their egos in check.
4.) Friendly
Overall, hiring managers are going to choose someone they think everyone on their team will like and enjoy being around. They look for talent who are positive and know how to keep the conversation alive.
5.) Passionate
The most sought after employees are ones who enjoy the work as much as they do the reward. Passionate employees frequently achieve goals and are always willing to share their time and knowledge.
Incorporating these dynamic traits into the image you project on paper and in person is an integral part of today’s job search. While you may not already possess every desired trait, it is imperative to gain these attributes as you continue in your career.