Today’s workforce isn’t just working to simply take home a paycheck. Many are placing higher and higher value on having a career that’s rewarding and meaningful. Sound like you?  If so, you’re not alone. In fact, a recent survey conducted by LinkedIn found that 52% of professionals said they were actively looking to work for a company whose mission and vision matches their personal values.

But how can you find purpose? Better yet, how can you find purpose in a role you don’t see as your calling? Is it even possible?

Defining meaning is up to you. What makes a job satisfying and rewarding for one person isn’t necessarily what makes it meaningful for another. Many of us fail to realize that work can be rewarding and full of purpose, even if we don’t think of it as our calling.

You can find meaning in nearly any role in nearly any organization. But how?

  • What motivates you – do you find meaning in leadership? Money? Status? Focus on what makes you happy to go to work in the morning.
  • Take a dive into understanding how your companies products or services fill a need in the world, and how your position helps support that overarching goal. For example, many manufacturing careers in the Champlain Valley enable our everyday lives – re-framing tasks as opportunities to help others can make any role feel more significant.
  • Are there personal benefits you get from you role? For instance, opportunities to learn new things, further your education, work with people who inspire you or travel.
  • Keep your eye on the prize. The work you do helps to provide for your family, pay mortgage, go on vacation, and support hobbies. Making that connection can help make even the most mundane work seem important.
  • The answer to the question “Is this job meaningful?” is usually not as simple as yes or no. Remember, you create your own definition of a meaningful career.

Is it time to find deeper meaning or more gratification out of your career? ETS works with a wide range of companies throughout the Champlain Valley that are making a difference. Giving you the opportunity to not only do something that matters, but do something that you’re passionate about. Take control of your future, connect with an ETS Recruiter via live chat now.