ETS, Inc. today announced the First Annual 2016 Talent of the Year Award winners. Winners include: Professional Division – George Normann, Industrial Division – Jennifer Sylvester and Debra Troutman, Administrative/Office Division – Melinda Babbie. This announcement marks the beginning of National Staffing Employee Week, Sept. 19-23. The week, established by the American Staffing Association, honors the contributions of the millions of employees working for U.S. staffing firms in support of businesses and the nation’s economy every workday.
ETS’ Talent of the Year Awards honor individuals, throughout their three divisions, who are outstanding performers and exemplify the promise of staffing excellency. To be considered for recognition, candidates must have been staffed through ETS sometime since September, 1st 2015.
george-normann-professional-croppedTalent of the Year Professional Award Winner: George Normann
Equipped with a degree in Materials Science from MIT, George Normann worked in the aerospace field in engineering, manufacturing and quality positions for over twenty years before deciding to call his go-to vacation spot, the Adirondacks, home. Having never looked for a job in the area before, Normann enlisted the help of ETS. “I needed a staffing firm with knowledge of the area and employers. I choose to partner with ETS for their excellent connections, history and knowledge of the area.” stated Normann. Normann is now honing his expertise as a Continuous Improvement Engineer at Mold-Rite Plastics. Since being placed by ETS in December 2015, his skills and passion have advanced his role to include working on all areas of the lining process. Normann stated, “ETS was able to match me with a position which best fit my interests and experience. It is always good to have an experienced team on your side.” His quick success has improved customer delivery, maximized productivity and fostered a dynamic team.
debra-troutman-industrialTalent of the Year Industrial Award Winner: Debra Troutman
Debra Troutman, a Logistics Support Specialist at A.N. Deringer, came to work for the company as a Warehouse Worker in September 2013. As Troutman began to prove her dedication and manufacturing knowledge her duties and responsibilities grew, she quickly transitioned to her current role in October 2013. She chose ETS to get her name and skills in front of a variety of employers, “There are so many local business’ that you do not think of when searching for a job and when you do find one, sometimes it’s a challenge to get a chance to showcase your talents before they turn you away. ETS was a good fit for me personality-wise and easy to work with; they allowed employers to see what I could offer.” Troutman stated. Taking into consideration Troutman’s extensive background working the warehouse floor and in manufacturing, ETS was able to place her at a business that fit her personality and met her needs. “ETS was quick to search for a business that would be a good fit for me, as well as what I had needed in regards to locality and hours. They gave me the opportunity to work for a business that I could see a future with.” Troutman’s outstanding organizational skills and multitasking abilities make her a vital and stand out member of the team.
jennifer-sylvester-industrial Talent of the Year Industrial Award Winner: Jennifer Sylvester
When Jennifer Sylvester’s friend recommended that she should apply at ETS for a warehouse position she was skeptical at first. “Guess you could say I was old school and believed companies should hire on the spot. However, it was a great move and I’m happy that ETS was able to help me. Working with a staffing firm gives the employer time to figure out if you are right for the job and the employee time to figure out if this is where they want to be” Sylvester stated. After starting through ETS as a Pick Pack Associate at A.N. Deringer in June 2014, Sylvester has not only gained more responsibilities but has transitioned onto their payroll as a Freight Handler. When asked what she liked best about working in the Industrial field Sylvester stated, “Not sitting still and always being busy, I also like being able to float between different areas when needed.” Sylvester’s dedication, going above and beyond the call of duty, is an integral part of maintaining the efficient and effective operations of the facility.
melinda-babbie-administrative-croppedTalent of the Year Administrative/Office Award Winner: Melinda Babbie
After moving back to the North Country in November of 2015, Melinda Babbie partnered with ETS to gain exposure to a wide variety of companies and job opportunities, Babbie stated, “I hoped that ETS’ great reputation within the community would help to achieve my goals after moving back to the area with my husband.” Babbie continued, “I felt like ETS took on the role of being my personal agent. If I ever needed anything they were always there for me.” Babbie now works as an Administrative Assistant at Mountain Lake PBS, where she was placed through ETS in May 2016 and by July 2016 was permanently rolled to their payroll. Babbie’s dynamic background as an accounting clerk, computer operator and in real estate, along with her punctuality, dependability and work ethic has made her an early standout in this position. When asked about what she liked best about working in the administrative field Babbie stated, “I find the administrative field to be very rewarding while performing a wide range of duties to ensure the efficient day-to-day operations of the office, along with support work to management and other staff members.” Babbie’s keen attention to detail and contagious energy have taken her career and office into high gear.
ETS congratulates all of the Talent of the Year Award winners for being selected to represent the extraordinary talent, dedication and contributions of employees throughout the North Country. Their inspirational stories highlight the opportunities that staffing employment provides, as well as the diversity of the individuals employed in every occupation and sector of our economy.