2020 marks our 4th Annual Talent of the Year Awards! ETS’ Talent of the Year Awards honor individuals, throughout Professional, Industrial, and Administrative/Office divisions, who are outstanding performers and exemplify the promise of staffing excellency.

2020 New York Winners Include:

  • Professional Division – Omar Sharaf
  • Industrial Division – Amoy Watson
  • Administrative/Office Division – Holly LaFountain
  • Administrative/Office Division – Sarah Doyle

Talent of the Year Professional Division Award Winner: Omar Sharaf, Electrical Engineer, Imeco Cables America

From his first job as a Material Specialist, to his current role as an Electrical Engineer, Omar’s professional pathway is an inspirational story that plays a part in a conversation gaining popularity across the country; to attend a traditional four-year university, or not. After finishing his Associate of Science Degree, Omar scored his first role as a Material Specialist at a leading manufacturer in the transportation industry. Equipped with a strong technical foundation, and a personal drive and dedication to lifelong learning, Omar realized the opportunities he could create for himself in manufacturing and quickly advanced to a Repair Technician. Flash forward, his family was on the move from Florida to New York, “I needed a reliable source to secure a solid role. Local family gave praise of ETS and that is when I was introduced to my recruiter.” stated Sharaf. 

Omar’s experience, combined with ETS’ connections, launched his career even further. From Repair Technician to Electrical Engineer, he achieved a new milestone. Currently an Electrical Engineer at Imeco Cables America, Omar stated, “The most rewarding part of my career has been the ability to consistently build new skills to enrich my growth. Being in the electrical Engineering field, I’m able to be apart of building the blueprint for future electrical or electronic technologies.” As for his partnership with ETS, Omar stated, “It was the most pleasant experience in what can be a stressful time.” Sharaf continued, “With ETS I never felt alone. My Recruiter made sure I was always updated and did not stop the hunt until he got me exactly what I was looking for.”  

Talent of the Year Plattsburgh Industrial/Skilled Trades Division Award Winner: Amoy Watson, Production Associate and Trainer, Lakeside Container Corporation

Amoy Watson loves trying new things, making a difference and being hands-on, so when she connected with her ETS Recruiter, it was clear she would thrive in the fast-paced manufacturing sector that’s booming here in the North Country. No stranger to stepping out of her comfort zone, Amoy moved to the United States six years ago and keeps checking off accomplishments. One of those accomplishments, landing a permanent position at a company where she actually looks forward to going to work everyday. “When I first started as a packager I didn’t know what to expect, and admittedly was a little bit shaky. Thankfully, I have the most amazing managers who showed me exactly what to do. Shortly after, I was given more responsibilities, and now I’m proud to say I have grown to be a trainer and love it.” stated Amoy.

Her favorite part about her career in this field, meeting and working with a variety of people, learning new things, and being able to switch up her day-to-day. “Partnering with ETS on my job search was the best career move I ever made. Being in a new country wasn’t easy, but, ETS found me a job where I can support my family and be happy.” Continued Amoy. “They gave me the confidence I needed to prove I have what it takes to do the job, and for that I thank them from the bottom of my heart.”

Talent of the Year Administrative/Office Division Award Winner: Holly LaFountain, Office Coordinator, United Way of the Adirondack Region

Work-life balance. When Holly came to ETS to find the right fit, she was looking for just that; a meaningful career that offered her the flexibility she needed to care for her son, who was just entering pre-school at the time. “My sister had used ETS before and I decided to give it a shot; and I’m glad I did!” Stated Holly. “ETS was able to provide me with an opportunity I wouldn’t have been able to find without their help, since the United Way of the Adirondack Region utilizes ETS for their hiring needs.” From her first day over two years ago, to her current role as the Office Coordinator, Holly has become a dependable go-to source for the organization.

Her career growth is an obvious indicator of this trust, but it’s the words used to describe Holly and her dedication to the non-profit that we find most convincing; exceptional and phenomenal.

Not only is this shown with her career growth, in fact, exceptional and phenomenal are two words the team uses most to describe Holly and her dedication to the non-profit.

“I started as an Administrative Assistant, answering phones, responding to emails, and doing research. Now, I provide assistance to the entire office along with so much more responsibility. An entirely new position was created for me to encompass everything that I was previously doing and adding additional responsibilities to assist other departments more.”

“The most rewarding part of my career is being able to interact with people that need assistance and working with them to help in whatever capacity we are able to. The gratitude you receive from people is amazing and makes the job just that much better.”

“Working in a non-profit organization has given me the opportunity to help people when they need it the most, in a way I never thought I would be able to. I would absolutely recommend that others search for jobs within the non-profit sector. It won’t make you a monetarily rich person but the richness you receive from providing help to people is beyond compare.”

Talent of the Year Administrative/Office Award Winner: Sarah Doyle, Purchasing and Logistics Assistant, V. Fraas

When Sarah moved back to the North Country from Virginia, she was surprised at how challenging it was to find a job that fit her unique background in purchasing, managing, training, research and retail. Sarah soon found herself equipped with a wide range of transferable skills, but consistently met with a common response from employers – “We use a staffing agency, apply there.” After researching local staffing agencies, Sarah heard great things from friends and social media about ETS and decided to start there. “I started working with ETS on a Monday and by Thursday had a job in my field with a great company.” Sarah stated.

Since being placed by ETS in her role as a Purchasing and Logistics Assistant at V. Fraas, her previous experience and determination continues to drive her career – making it seem like she’s been doing the job for years. Her ability to quickly adapt and learn new processes has allowed her to enjoy steady growth within the company, branching out to learn other duties. When asked what she enjoys most about working in this field Sarah stated, “I enjoy working with numbers and having to put a lot of thought into my work. Purchasing allows me to do both, and I would absolutely recommend this field to others.”

ETS congratulates all of the Talent of the Year Award winners for being selected to represent the extraordinary talent, dedication and contributions of employees throughout the Champlain Valley. Their inspirational stories highlight the opportunities that staffing provides, as well as the diversity of the individuals employed in every occupation and sector of our economy.

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