Change is a fact of life and work. With disruption in the workplace becoming more common, we must learn to overcome fear and embrace the changes ahead. Change at work is feared for a variety of reasons – fear of failure, success, rejection, criticism and the unknown. Managing this fear is and learning to adapt to change in the workplace is imperative to survive, grow and succeed in our careers.

Change is powerful, yet how we respond is up to us. So, how can you improve your ability to handle – even appreciate – change at work?

Recognize and Accept Change
Acknowledge, recognize and accept that change is something that is happening all the time. Change is constantly occurring whether we are aware of it or not. By learning to be flexible and accept that change in the workplace is inevitable, you can begin to adapt more quickly. Don’t forget that you’ve dealt with change throughout your life and career. Make yourself remember the times you’ve been successful when faced with those changes.

Communication is Key
Communication is always critical, especially when you face change. Stay in constant communication with coworkers to make sure everyone is on the same page and up to speed. Ask constructive questions to find out meaningful information.

Yes Not No
When a change in the workplace happens, it’s easy to have a mindset of, “I’m not going to do that. That is just crazy.” It can be difficult to shift our thinking to a more positive attitude. Come to terms that your new situation might not be perfect but your previous situation probably wasn’t either. Say yes not no – this optimistic mindset will help you grow, improve and move forward.

Have a Vision
Know where you’re going. When there is so much change, it feels as though there is no direction and we lose purpose. By setting a clear goal, you’ll bring about a new mind shift that will help redirect your energy. View change as an opportunity.

Change is not always easy, but it’s not all bad either. Become comfortable with uncertainty, and you’ll see opportunity. Being open to new thinking and new ideas will allow you to grow, progress and find meaning in your career.