You are a reliable, hard worker. You are solving problems for your co-workers, creating value for your bosses and generally reaping the rewards of your hard earned success. People in your life and in your industry are taking notice. You, in short, are a rockstar. Isn’t it time you had a job at a company that valued these qualities?

You are getting noticed by recruiters!

The staffing recruiters have found you and each one promises the moon. You’re ready for the next big thing and you know a professional staffing company can help. How do you know which one is right for you?

Make sure they can deliver on their promises.

At ETS, we’ve found that the most successful candidates actually interview us. That’s right. While we’re trying our best to get to know you, you should be getting to know us to find the best recruiter.

Here are 5 questions you should ask a recruiter:

1.) How long have they been a recruiter at their current staffing agency?
Professional staffing firms tend to have high turnover rates. When you have questions about payroll, benefits or the best pizza joint in town, you want a recruiter that’s sticking around for the long haul and not handing you off to the new kid on the block. At ETS, while we are growing and adding recruiters all the time, our recruiters stick around! Del Rock and Cyndie Lathrem have been recruiters at ETS for 30 and 20 years respectively.
2. Who are their current clients?
Do you recognize any of them? Are you impressed? If not, you should consider moving on to someone who actually recruits for the best companies in town.
3. How is payroll handled?
Getting paid accurately and on time is pretty important in our book, don’t you think? If payroll is handled at the home office in another city or, worse yet, at a 3rd party accounting office, chances are if there are problems, you won’t get an answer quickly. At ETS, our HR and Payroll is handled locally and we have a team of HR experts ready to handle any problems.
4. What is their expertise?
The best recruiters are specialists. The one you want is a specialist in your field.
5. Why are they working at this firm?
Understanding how the recruiting firm treats its internal employees tells you a lot about how they will treat you.
6. What is the average airspeed velocity of a swallow?
Okay, that’s six. You want to make sure the recruiter is paying attention!
Getting those phone calls can be exciting. It means you’ve made it and people want you. But don’t settle for just any recruiter. Find the one that’s right for you, someone who listens, knows your industry, and will stick around. And, when you find the right recruiting partner, the sky’s the limit.

About ETS:

We’re Nothing Without You. You’ve got skills, and we’ve got the hook up. Whether you’re looking for your first job, or you’re a seasoned professional, our recruiters take the time to understand your career vision and develop a strategy to make it a reality. A partner in your career success, we’ll connect you with rewarding careers at companies throughout the Champlain Valley that are making a difference. We know “job” just isn’t a 3 letter word – it’s who you are. Start a relationship with one of our recruiters today and get noticed by the right people. Set up a meeting by calling 518.562.4673, or just stop by!