With the summer season around the corner, it may be tempting to forget all priorities and enjoy the warm weather. However, landing a summer job has more advantages than you may think.

It’s the perfect opportunity to dip your toes in the water and get some work experience, without having to commit to anything long-term. You’ll earn money while learning a whole new set of skills. 

This could be an opportunity to open doors you didn’t know were possible! Explore the benefits of a summer job:

Boost Confidence

Having a summer job is a great way to boost your self-confidence in the working world. You’ll learn how to handle certain situations, which can be beneficial for future endeavors. Any work experience is a learning opportunity that will help to build your self-esteem as you move forward in your career.

Gain Experience

Hands-on experience is a key part to any resume. And with a summer job, you’ll be able to gain experience that you can discuss in future interviews. This will give you an added boost to employers when you apply to jobs later down the line. 

Test a Career Path

A summer job gives you the opportunity to trial run a position before you make a long-term commitment. It will allow you to test out a career path to understand what certain roles look like across industries. This will help to shape your future goals, so you can understand what type of work environment is best for you.

You’ll learn your likes and dislikes, and what you excel at. From there, an ETS recruiter can work with you to help steer your job search in the right direction.

Earn Extra Income

A summer job can help to bring in extra cash. Whether it’s a side hustle or your main gig, it will be beneficial to have a steady source of income that you can rely on. 

Expand Your Skill Set

You’ll learn a whole new set of skills once you land a summer job. Soft skills such as time management, communication, multitasking, organization, and customer service are crucial in any career. 

Using each circumstance to learn and take constructive criticism will help you build on your skills and adapt to different situations. In the end, these advancements will help to improve your overall abilities. 

A summer job is a lot more than just a role for a few months in the summer. It’s a short-term opportunity to gain skills, test out new experiences and boost your self-esteem in the workforce. 

At ETS, we have all sorts of different summer jobs for this season – from landscapers and wait staff, to drivers, events crew and more. And now is the time to apply! Our recruiters will work with you one-on-one to find you a role that will check off all of your boxes. To browse our summer jobs, visit jobs.etsjobs.com or live chat with a team member now.