If you’re on the job hunt, ask yourself this: do I have the soft skills employers want?

With today’s evolving job market, it’s important to have a few of these soft skills in your back pocket to help you stand out from the crowd: 


A versatile employee is able to adapt to different scenarios in the workplace. A key way to embrace adaptability and further enhance this skill is to keep an open mind. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and embrace change as it comes.


Communication is key – in and out of the workplace. Employers are looking for excellent verbal and written communication skills in nearly any role, and across industries. 

If you’re unsure whether or not communication is your strength, start to understand how you communicate currently and ways you can improve.

Attention to Detail

A keen attention to detail is a major soft skill that will stand out to employers. A good way to showcase this is through your previous work or portfolio, while making sure your resume and application is free of errors. Be detail-oriented when it comes to your previous experience and give specific examples. 

Problem Solving

Critical thinking and problem solving go hand-and-hand. No matter what type of role you’re in, you will have problems that arise from time to time. To solve a problem successfully, you’ll need to analyze the situation and develop a logical solution. Have 2-3 different examples of this that you can use throughout the interview process. 


A majority, if not all roles require you to work with others. Successful collaboration between team members is a skill that most employers are looking for. 

Collaboration starts with the ability to work together and take others’ ideas into consideration in a team setting.  


Are you willing to pursue training to further grow your skill set in the workplace? Your ability to be teachable is a key skill that will translate throughout various roles, especially if you take into consideration the feedback you’ve been given and improve upon it. 

Consider previous experience where you were trained to learn a new program, tech tools or on-site duties. Use this experience throughout your resume, cover letter and interviews during the job search process. 


Be accountable for your actions in all aspects of life, and this will successfully translate into the workplace. We all make mistakes from time to time, and those who are responsible for their actions are way more likely to perform their tasks correctly in the future. 

Being accountable also means being reliable and self-motivated – which is what all employees are expecting from their team. 

Soft skills are a necessary stepping stone to mastering hard skills over time. And once these skills are identified, you can feel more confident heading into your next career. 

And, what better way to feel confident than having an advocate on your side during the job search process? At ETS, we’ll set you up with an expert recruiter who will dive into your past experiences and future career goals to ensure those align with your next role. We’ll help you better understand your strengths, weaknesses and soft skills that will help you thrive in the workplace. 

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