Regardless if you usually wake up ready to start the day like Snow White serenading the bluebirds, bad days happen. You know the ones, the alarm goes off late. Your forehead is pounding, and your body feels like it was hit by a semi-truck. Your computer crashes and destroys your project. You’re pretty sure if you google micromanagement your boss’s picture will be there. You have to work through lunch, and all of this has transpired before noon.
You find yourself holding your head in your hands, questioning if you should pound your fist into the desk or scream at the top of your lungs.
When nothing seems to go right, it can be tough to pull yourself out of the funk that so often follows. Check out our techniques to help bounce back and find the bright side.
1. Surround yourself with Positive Vibes
Create an environment filled with positive and uplifting sentiments. Few things can diminish frustrations and stress like your favorite song. If you can, throw on a pair of headphones and let the music take you away, or take a minute to watch that viral youtube video that’s been making everyone laugh.
2. Lean on a Friend
Sometimes you just need to vent and rant. That’s okay! Don’t bottle up how a bad day made you feel. A conversation with a sympathetic friend is a simple way to restore your energy. Get it all out, but put a time limit on the complaint session – 10 minutes max. Then be done, move on, and do something that makes you happy.
3. Take a Breathe
Take a break to refresh and restart. Regular breaks can actually make us more productive, and make a big difference in your mood. There’s nothing like a change of scenery. Head outside for fresh air, brew some coffee, go for a drive, or practice deep breathing.
Don’t feel guilty for giving yourself a “time out”. You may be surprised how escaping for a moment can make a significant change to a bad day.
4. An Act of Kindness
Break the cycle with a simple act of kindness. Simple things like getting a colleague a coffee, complimenting a coworker, or writing a thank you to a customer will make you feel empowered, confident and happy.
5. Energize
You won’t feel better anytime soon if you overindulge in food or sedate yourself with activities that keep you sedentary and disengaged. However you can do it, get moving! Roll out your yoga mat, go for a walk, have a dance party. Those positive endorphins that kick in when your heart rate goes up can do some seriously good work on a bad mood.
When we think about factors that contribute to our mood, we rarely give much consideration to food. But don’t forget, food is fuel. Eating a healthy lunch can give you the stamina needed to conquer the day.
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