It’s officially 2018, and with the new year here, fresh starts are abound. New goals, new hobbies, new initiatives, and, maybe, a new job.
Despite evolving job search tactics, your resume remains the single most important document in the search. In 2018, job seekers will be able to find and apply to positions in a variety of ways, but at some point in the hiring process, a resume will be requested.
You only get one quick shot for your resume to make an impression, so taking advantage of the hottest trends for 2018 is essential. But what exactly do those trends look like? Check out what are team of experts have to say.
Regardless of whether a resume is read by a human or a machine, customizing details, skills and keywords is critical. Hiring managers are short on time and want to know “what’s in it for me?” They don’t want to dig for your qualifications or read unrelated content. They want to know in a short concise fashion how your skills and experience will enhance their team.
Tip: Remove anything that doesn’t directly support your skills, experience and value as it relates to that specific role.
Value Proposition
Know yourself, know the audience and know what matters. Then, infuse your resume with that value. Distinguish your value proposition, and then convey it with supporting content throughout.
Tip: Align your value with the jobs requirements and goals.
Quantify Accomplishments
To peak the hiring manager’s interest, incorporate proof. Saying you are good at something and providing clear evidence of it are two different things. Proven claims lie in measurable impacts, specific quantities and strong metrics.
Tip: Provide clear examples of how your skills resulted in positive outcomes. Lead with those results to powerfully position your strengths.
Get Digital
The internet is a key resource in searching for a job, but in 2018 it will also be a strategic medium to present yourself as an ideal candidate. A shift towards digital resumes and portfolios means online reputation is more important than ever.
Tip: Utilize personal websites, online portfolios and even LinkedIn connections to stand out.
Unique Layout
Visually stimulating resumes are created using unique formats, layouts, color, charts or graphics to segregate key content and naturally guide a reader’s eye. The trick to a well-balanced visual resume is not to go overboard.
Tip: Design should not distract from your content but compliment it.
The things that recruiters and hiring managers look for, and the way that candidates try to get their attention, are ever-evolving. So if you don’t keep up, you might be left behind. Want extra guidance and advice on modernizing your resume? Stop by the ETS office in Plattsburgh or Burlington and speak to a recruiter. Our recruiters are on the front lines of hiring, they know what works, what doesn’t, and how to help you position yourself for a successful year.