All-Stars in Professional, Industrial and Administrative Divisions Receive Recognition
As National Staffing Employee Week ends, ETS announces 2nd Annual Talent of the Year award winners. National Staffing Employee Week, established by the American Staffing Association, honors the contributions of the millions of employees working for U.S. staffing firms in support of businesses and the nation’s economy every workday.
ETS’ Talent of the Year Awards honor individuals, throughout their three divisions in both New York and Vermont, who are outstanding performers and exemplify the promise of staffing excellency.

Talent of the Year Professional Award Winner:
Mike Fischer, Quality Manager, Norsk Titanium
Figuring out how to do things better is Mike Fischer’s job. So, when it came to his most recent career move, he knew there had to be a better way to go about his search and enlisted the help of ETS. “It was time for a new job but I could not devote full time to the search myself. ETS solved that problem for me. From my first contact with them, they were active and interested in my situation. I was able to continue working while ETS searched for me. This meant a smooth transition for both me, and my previous employer.” stated Fischer. With a unique background in a wide variety of challenges, from very high tech custom engineered solutions, to high volume extreme reliability auto parts, to low tech products that required team choreography from dozens of people, ETS knew his impressive quality background and forward thinking initiative would be the perfect fit at Norsk Titanium. Now the Quality Manager at Norsk, Fischer stated “ETS put me in an ideal position in an exciting company with a large potential for future growth. This is an excellent fit. I feel challenged and productive with the opportunity to contribute some solid value to Norsk Titanium.” Fischer’s role plays a critical part in maintaining quality for both internal operations and for their suppliers. As the company continues to rapidly grow, his expertise will transition to a one-stop source for all things quality, to manager of a department of quality professionals that will keep up with that growth while maintaining Norsk’s high standards.
Talent of the Year Plattsburgh Industrial Award Winner:
Michael McDonough Sr., Maintenance Cleaner, Schluter Systems
When Michael McDonough Sr. came back to the North Country after serving in the army, he was surprised at how difficult it was to find a good job. At 59 years old, Michael found himself equipped with a vast work history but consistently met with the same response from potential employers – “You’re overqualified.” With his resume including his first job at Keeseville Ford Garage, working as a Camera Operator/Plate Operator at a printing company, and his role as a Machine Operator for a plastic manufacturer, Michael knew there had to be a company somewhere in the North Country that understood how valuable his past experiences could be. With frustration fueling his job search, and determination to get back to work, Michael found himself seeking help from local staffing firms, and got that help from ETS. “I have been with ETS off and on for 11 years or so. They have always been friendly and helpful. If ETS can’t find you work no one can.” stated McDonough, who has continued to be a standout employee at Schluter Systems since his placement there in 2014 as a Maintenance Cleaner. This part-time position has been the perfect fit into McDonough’s life, who at 71 says this job keeps him going, working 3 days a week. “I enjoy meeting new people, working independently, and helping others when needed.” McDonough said of his role. McDonough’s dedication, and cheery disposition play an integral part in maintaining the efficient and effective operations of the facility.
Talent of the Year Administrative/Office Award Winner:
Kristen Siskavich, Human Resources Manager, B3CG Interconnect Inc.
When Kristen Siskavich decided to retire from the retail world after 28 years in the industry, she was advised to contact ETS for guidance. “I was very fortunate to meet with the wonderful ladies from ETS. They helped me put an awesome resume together, line up interviews and now, here I am, loving my job!” Siskavich stated. Her previous experience in retail management, combined with her friendly and approachable personality from her background in cosmetology, easily poised her for a career shift into Human Resources. “ETS was able to make my transformation a lot easier than I ever expected.” stated Siskavich, who is now the Human Resources Manager at B3CG Interconnect. Since being placed by ETS earlier this year, her unique skills and drive to succeed continue to launch her career as the company enjoys rapid growth. When asked what she enjoys most about working in this new field Siskavich stated, “It’s a position of influence. I am able to make a change in people’s lives and see the development of growth around me. It’s also the gratification of solving problems, because each day is different.” Her quick success has allowed the facility to focus on retention, simplify time management processes, and maintain consistent production.
Talent of the Year Burlington Industrial Award Winner:
Luis Hernandez, Carpenter/Concrete Worker, Camp Precast Concrete
Luis Hernandez, a Carpenter/Concrete Worker for Camp Precast Concrete, started at the company this summer. Since then, Hernandez has quickly proven his motivation and dedication. Not just garnering extra responsibilities, but earning the respect and trust of the team. He chose to partner with ETS to help develop a strategy to make his career vision a reality, “I met a recruiter who was intelligent, honest, and trustworthy, and I knew that if I proved myself she would help me reach my career goals.” stated Hernandez. His extensive background, which includes solar panel installation, construction, driving, assembly, and even taking care of show horses, has been his catalyst for thriving in an atmosphere built on teamwork. When asked what he enjoyed most about his job Hernandez stated, “I love people and working as part of a team!”
ETS congratulates all of the Talent of the Year Award winners for being selected to represent the extraordinary talent, dedication and contributions of employees throughout the Champlain Valley. Their inspirational stories highlight the opportunities that staffing employment provides, as well as the diversity of the individuals employed in every occupation and sector of our economy.