It’s a Sunday night and you’re at dinner with the in-laws. Everyone is enjoying themselves and catching up when the conversation quickly turns to you, “Still enjoying the job?”
A questions that is commonly asked, but one that can be difficult to answer. Career paths are not always straightforward and it can be hard to know if you are truly happy with your position or if you should shoot for more. To help guide you in your assessment, check out our list below!
Here are ten signs you’re in the right job:
1. You like the work you do
2. You like the people you work with
3. You respect your manager and the other managers in the company
4. You’re learning something new all the time
5. You can be yourself at work
6. You are fairly paid
7. Your co-workers and managers respect your personal time and commitments
8. Your ideas are welcome and appreciated
9. Sunday nights are not painful (as you think about going back to work on Monday)
10. You look forward to digging into the projects and to-do items on your desk, or at least some of them!
OK, maybe you didn’t check all of those off, but what about most of them? Different things carry more weight for different people and it’s up to you to map out your dream job.
Didn’t check off as many as you hoped and want to take the next step in finding the right job for you? To find your perfect position, you have to decide what would constitute that job and then go after it. ETS recruiters can help! Stop by the office or call 518.562.4673 to speak with a recruiter and gain a partner in your career success.