Providing your staff with the resources to level-up their skills can be crucial to the overall success of your workforce and the future of your business.

By upskilling your team, you are providing them with the opportunity to learn new skills, build motivation, and feel valued in the workplace. And with today’s ever-changing landscape, now is the perfect time to take control of your workforce and invest in your employees.

Here are five ways to upskill your team:

Set Measurable Goals

Set goals for your team to meet on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. When setting these goals, make sure they are measurable.

Goals should be challenging, specific and time-bound in order to upskill your team. Make sure these goals are realistic and if not, work with your team to identify goals that will be practical to hit, but also test their abilities.

Let employees take the initiative and be in control of their learning while achieving these goals. When you give your team the responsibility of their own learning techniques, they are more invested and accountable in the long-run. 

Assess Best Practices

Learning is different for everyone. One employee may not be able to upskill the same way another one will. Assess your team and decide from there which practices you want to introduce to them. It might be a good idea to let them choose what they feel most comfortable with. Maybe some of your team will learn best from online training programs, while others may want to have in-person initiatives to visualize strategies. 

Training Programs

Introduce training programs to upskill your staff. These can be company-provided programs or outside initiatives to help enhance skills and knowledge in the workplace. Give your employees the opportunity to decide which programs they feel comfortable with. You can even let them research their own initiatives to be a part of that you’ll pay for. Add this to your benefits package and it can be an exciting incentive for new employees!

At ETS, we believe in the power of workforce development initiatives and the success it can bring to our communities. We created Ready4Real and Ready2Create to provide the opportunity to upskill your team. These immersive programs focus on work-readiness and technical skills to give your employees the confidence they need to succeed. If you would like to learn more about the Ready4Real or Ready2Create programs, or become a preferred employment partner, email Cena at


Integrate professional mentoring programs for your team to make them feel valued and important. Choose upper-level management or outside individuals to serve as mentors for your junior team members. Make sure if you’re using outside professionals that their values align with your company’s overall mission. 

Mentors can give your team meaningful advice and motivational tips, while holding them accountable. Having a mentor can promote upskilling, improve retention rates, and increase teamwork initiatives in the workplace.

Job Shadowing

Allow your employees to have a couple of days per year where they can shadow other teammates in different departments and vice versa. This will allow your team to view an outside perspective and see the day-to-day operations of other roles. By watching another person in their daily role, they’ll be able to learn from their work ethic and how they do certain things. From there, they’ll be able to get inspiration for their own work – upskilling their processes and overall skillset. 

As your business looks to grow and evolve, upskilling your employees will become more critical than ever before. We understand how crucial it is to develop your workforce and continuously challenge your team’s capabilities. But to get there, you’ll need a solid staff to begin with. When you partner with ETS, we’ll find you top talent to help grow your workforce – giving you the extra time to focus on initiatives to train and upskill your team. We make it easy to build a world-class workforce. 

To learn more about our customized staffing solutions, request talent now or live chat with us.