This blog series will chronicle the Inaugural Ready2Create class. R2C is an 8 week hands-on training session to prepare students for a career in manufacturing. The class is being held at the brand new MakerSpace at the Strand Center of the Arts in Plattsburgh, NY.  Follow along the journey of 10 students from all walks of life. 

Getting to know each other:

• Michele Armani – Education Director, Ready4Real

• Cena Abramo – Talent and Training Manager, Ready4Real

• Andy Wekin – Manufacturing Engineer at General Composites and R2C teacher

• Nate Horn – Technology Teacher at Beekmantown High School and R2C teacher

• 10 Ready2Create Students from all walks of life

What do a research scientist, six recent high school graduates and three unemployed adults have in common? The desire to create. Students in the inaugural class of Ready2Create spent the first two weeks of the program learning a variety of skills and theories – everything from the multiple intelligence theory of Howard Gardner, to using a table saw. R2C is an opportunity for a group of like minded, but differently skilled people to come together in one incredible space and challenge themselves to understand manufacturing in a new light.

Did you know that purple dye was once made from shellfish? Or that 25 recycled water bottles are required to make a fleece pullover jacket? All manufacturing, creating and imagining.

Starting anything new is scary. In this case, it’s scary for the teachers and for the students. Before the first class started on Tuesday, July 6, the Ready2Create team along with Strand volunteers were working frantically to get the space ready to go. Anyone who has ever been involved with major construction projects knows the challenges of hitting every deadline, and this was no exception. However, the space was pulled together enough to get the first class up and running with very few issues.  

The class has worked together seamlessly. They have learned so many new things already, but most importantly, they have learned to work together as a team. They’ve shared meals, faced uncomfortable situations (like speaking to a group) and even had a tour of Camso, a local manufacturing facility.

We are looking forward to seeing the great things this class will accomplish in the weeks ahead and following their journey in creating.