Recent college graduates could be the solution you’ve been looking for to grow your workforce. Today’s job market is filled with open positions and a lack of candidates actively searching for work – a perfect opportunity for college grads. As these individuals hit the job market, it’s your time to lead them in their next adventure post-grad. 

New graduates are a great addition to any company – filled with fresh perspectives, energy and a willingness to work hard. Here are some things to keep in mind as you hire college grads:

Relevant Experience & Requirements 

Expect recent grads to have limited experience when they apply to your open roles. Don’t ask for extensive previous experience if you’re hiring for an entry level position. Keep an open mind and trust that college grads have the ability to learn. Look for signs of drive and a passion to succeed while in the interview process. 

Don’t let their lack of experience hold you back! Give them a chance – they could end up being an incredible asset to your company.

Clear & Straightforward Intentions

Be clear with your intentions from the beginning. Recent grads want to know they can grow professionally. Outline a strategy for growth and advancement opportunities for your open roles. Job seekers, and recent graduates especially, are craving security, growth and flexibility in their future career. It’s important to be transparent with potential candidates so they can better understand your intentions. 

Training Initiatives

Prepare to teach recent graduates what it takes to succeed on the job. Incorporate training programs when you welcome them aboard. Before they start, have training initiatives prepped in advance. Plan out the skills, platforms, and techniques that are crucial for them to learn and succeed on the job. 

Teach recent grads how to conduct themselves and deal with challenges in the workplace. Could your company benefit from a work readiness training program? Ready4Real powered by ETS is partnering with employers throughout the Champlain Valley to deliver in-demand work readiness training. Learn how to upgrade your workforce with Ready4Real. 

Hiring college grads can take a sufficient amount of time and training to familiarize them with your company’s unique processes. Take back your time and leave the hiring up to us! At ETS, we know that results matter, now more than ever before. It can be difficult for companies to navigate new talent pipelines, that’s why we’ve partnered with colleges and high schools throughout the Champlain Valley to bring qualified graduates right to our clients. Find the talent you need, live chat the team now!