There are a lot of factors to consider when making a hiring decision, and one of the hottest topics right now is whether to hire for skills or personality. Is one more important than the other?

We see it every day as staffing professionals: One candidate is warm and friendly but doesn’t have a long list of experience or accomplishments. The other candidate, has solid experience and a great education, but their demeanor leaves a little to be desired. Hiring managers often struggle with the decision, asking us, “Which way should we go?”

The best choice for your company depends on a number of factors.

What’s better for your company?
What type of company do you have? What will be better for your team? Do you have a strong mentoring program or a management team that has the time to nurture new employees? Or, is your company more entrepreneurial with a fast-paced atmosphere, making it necessary for this person to hit the ground running?

What does the job require?
Is the nature of the job customer facing, or heavily involved with the community? Or, is the role more behind the scenes and quality of work is more important than relationships?

When you’re faced with a tough hiring decision between two candidates, think about your answers to these questions. If nurturing relationships and a friendly disposition are critical to the role and your company, then hiring for personality is imperative. Remember, your employees are your front-line brand ambassadors who control your reputation.

In short, There is no right or wrong answer. Sorry for the letdown, but it really does just depend. Make the best choice for your company based on the person, the job and the role.

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