Do you find yourself seeking compliance guidance, training programs or a variety of HR resources? If you answered yes, then the North Country HR Consortium is here to help. This membership organization is a “one-stop shop”, bringing together experts from all facets of HR – legal, staffing and recruitment, EAS, training, compliance and more to help meet the needs of local businesses.
The field of human resources has grown dramatically in the past several decades. As government requirements change and workforce issues grow in complexity every year, the roles of HR continue to increase. Area experts in the industry quickly realized that many businesses do not have the internal resources to effectively address these ever changing responsibilities, and the North Country HR Consortium was formed.
Benefits of becoming a North Country HR Consortium member:

  • Free admission to HR-focused workshops
  • Free help desk service for basic HR queries
  • Establish connections and network with your HR peers in the region
  • Share in collective strengths for addressing unique HR issues in our region
  • Access resources and upcoming workshops

North Country HR Consortium member discounts:

  • $200 annual discount per company for HR-related legal services at Stafford, Owens, Piller, Murnane, Kelleher & Trombley, PLLC
  • $100 off any new member’s first contract employee bill; and $200 off any direct hire fees to current or new members for permanent placement search services at ETS, Inc.
  • Up to a 50% discount off EAS rates for all services and free initial consultation
  • $100 annual discount per company and free initial consultation at CITEC

Generation “Why?”
The consortium’s annual meeting and luncheon is happening this Friday, June 24th at The Butcher Block Adirondack room and you won’t want to miss it. We’ll be talking about retention of employees and frustrations with recruiting. There will be break-out sessions and a session on “Stay Interviews” which are quickly becoming the tool of choice among HR Professionals concerned about retention. Also there will be a presentation by Deb Cleary and Jesse Krell of ETS on attracting and retaining Millennials or Generation “Why?” Join the Consortium today and attend the annual meeting for free!
To join the North Country HR Consortium and get the support you need, or for more information, visit
ETS, Inc. is a proud partner of the North Country HR Consortium.