As an employer, one of the last things you want to hear from your employees is “I quit.” However, keeping your employees for the long-term may be easier said than done. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do about their decision to move on in their career. Other times, you can have a monumental impact. 

One of the key ways to keep employees is to show that they are valued from day one. Creating a culture of recognition is crucial and can help to make employees feel important at your company. Reducing retention rates takes tactics such as pay increases, opportunities for growth, and an overall great work environment.

Here are some tips to keep employees happy and satisfied to stay long-term at your company:

Set Clear Objectives

If you communicate objectives clearly with your employees, you’ll likely generate strong results. Set precise goals and show them that there will be opportunities to grow and evolve long-term.  

If your employees understand your expectations from day one, they will have the confidence to deliver results. From there, they can grow in their career at your company. 

Give Consistent Feedback

As employees work through their daily tasks, it’s important to give continual feedback. And as those tasks become more complex, feedback becomes even more crucial.

Employees need to feel that their work is being observed on a regular basis. Giving constructive criticism will help to know what your employees are doing right and wrong.

Encourage New Ideas & Opinions

Show your employees that you care about their ideas, and encourage them to share new ways to do things. It may open your eyes to a completely different perspective that could enhance your overall business model. 

Creating an open environment for feedback and new ideas will strengthen the culture of your workplace.

Communicate Openly with Praise

Never be afraid to give praise to your employees – they will cherish it! Recognize their hard work and dedication from the start. One of the most common reasons for employees to quit is because of a lack of appreciation.

Everyone likes to be appreciated for their wins, so show them you care and that you’re paying attention. 

With these tips and a positive mindset, you’ll be sure to keep your employees happy and engaged to stay long-term. When you partner with ETS, we offer a complete workforce resource with customized staffing solutions for you. This means that we can offer HR guidance, payroll assistance, reporting, and more for your business! That way you can spend your extra time creating a work environment your employees will love. Connect with the ETS team now to find the talent solution you’ve been searching for.