With unemployment at a 50 year low, finding new people to hire is a full-time job. Being short on staff can be detrimental to your company, but rushing through the hiring process can also cause problems. You need to be able to hire new employees quickly, since their skills are in high demand, without sacrificing quality. Luckily, we’ve compiled our best tips to help navigate the balance.

Map out your hiring process
Make sure that you have a consistent and organized hiring process. This will help eliminate wasted time, because you will already know what steps need to be taken and when. Additionally, this will let you evaluate which steps are necessary and which ones are not. Once you get a job application, you will know exactly what needs to happen next! For additional help you could also reach out to a recruiter. They are equipped to find skilled candidates quickly and will shorten your hiring process.

Make sure your job descriptions are clear and straightforward
This is something many companies do not realize is driving away applicants. If a job description is vague, candidates will be less likely to reach out since they are not sure what is expected of them. Make sure the required skills are listed out clearly. This will help you better identify and eliminate people who are not right for the job, making the hiring process faster. 

Use social media and be creative
A fun way to show off that your company is well-rounded, as well as drive more traffic to your website, is to use social media or create a blog. Social media will help get your company’s name out into the online world, as well as make your company seem more down to earth and welcoming by showcasing your workplace’s culture. Blogs are easy to make and useful to have, because they allow you to be creative and give your company a voice. Social media and blogs can also promote any events you have going on and advertise positions you have open. 

Hire a recruiter
Why not ask for help? Being in charge of a company, chances are you don’t have time to look for new candidates. Partnering with ETS will help make this process much easier, and you won’t have to worry about searching for skilled candidates or wasting precious time. With our vast experience, local market knowledge and extensive database, we make finding the right talent simple, easy and quick. 

When you have a shortage in employees, it is essential that you act quickly. However, rushing through the hiring process can hurt your company. There are many ways to make this process easier; Working with a dedicated ETS recruiter, is an easy way to hire quality employees fast!