Hiring managers and staffing industry leaders agree that technology will affect the industry. Recruiting, talent management, back-end processes all can be streamlined and enhanced by thoughtful applications of technology.

Learning about tech strategies for hiring can be overwhelming (and that’s putting it lightly). There are so many options, and so many developments that it’s easy to feel helpless when navigating the endless amounts of information.

In order to successfully execute a complete hiring strategy, and in order to support and engage talent, this technology has to be at the forefront of your strategy – keeping you ahead of the curve at a time of increased competitiveness, and in the midst of significant demographic changes.

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You need solutions that will help streamline operations and facilitate growth, without compromising a real differentiator – working on a personal level and offering that quickly disappearing human touch that research shows candidates in particular value and crave.

Where to Start?
When it comes to technology used to source, engage and hire, it’s important to note whether the tool has an additive or disruptive influence on current operations. But what does that mean? An additive tool can enhance operations by helping do work faster, more efficiently, or with better insights. Disruptive tools promise to leapfrog the current state of business operations – moving the needle in a big way.

Too much? Too many? Too complicated? You’re not alone.

A recent survey of hiring managers commissioned by American Staffing Association found that four out of five hiring managers (81%) believe that staffing companies can help them address problems faced during the recruitment process by eliminating issues due to technology limitations.

That’s where ETS comes in to help our clients. We constantly undertake investigation, research, validation, and acceleration of talent acquisition technology. Providing our clients with accessibility to the most up-to-date, vetted technology available. Ensuring candidates have the best experience possible from applying to onboarding, and even automated touchpoints after they start.

We have the secret to a competitive differentiator in this market: Talent – Candidates want human interaction, but also place a high value on the convenience of technology. You need to enhance your relationships with talent by embracing technology – and with the technology we’ve tested and put in place, along with our specialty trained recruiters, we’ve figured out the secret sauce.

Going forward, hiring strategies are going to have to be more robust in this space than ever before.

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