Today’s job market is tight. In some industries, the number of open positions actually exceeds the number of people available. If you’re looking to hire in the coming months, it’s likely you have your eye on the upcoming workforce of soon-to-be college graduates.

New graduates can be a great resource for companies of any size, but when it comes to hiring a graduate for their first real-world job there are some pitfalls hiring managers should avoid.

Quick Decisions
Hiring decisions are typically made within the first few minutes of an interview. But coming to a quick verdict with students can be a huge mistake. Remember this is often the first time students are putting themselves out there. They have some experience and relevant skills, but they don’t always know how to show off other important factors. If you judge grads right away based on the interview alone, you’ll miss valuable skills they didn’t know you cared about.

You can’t expect a recent grad to have an extensive resume. They probably won’t be aware of all the longo, tools and best practices of your specific job, and you can’t expect them to have hands-on experience. You should, however, look for candidates who demonstrate they have a drive to succeed and an interest in continuous learning. Be prepared to provide training and teach them what it takes to do the job.

The Experience
This is the first interaction a young professional has with the people behind your brand. If you don’t treat the grad with respect during the hiring process, you’ll leave a bad taste in their mouth. Students who express interest in your company are likely starting a career in your industry, which means you might need their help or want to hire them down the road – so be sure your reputation isn’t tarnished by long wait times or prolonged stretches of silence.

On-the-Job Concerns
If you see a behavior that should be changed, don’t write them off immediately – address it. Things that may seem obvious to a seasoned professional, may not be understood by a new college graduate. Be open, transparent and quick to address any concerns you may have, and you should see a change in the behavior instantly.

Despite their limited skills and experience, new college graduates can be a valuable addition to your workforce. They’re full of energy, offer new ideas, and are willing to get their hands dirty. Hiring recent grads with no work experience should be approached differently than hiring a seasoned professional, but this process can be chaotic. ETS makes it easy to discover how recent grads transferable skills and abilities translate into your company’s open roles. Connect with an ETS team member to learn about our college recruitment efforts and our partnership with Clinton Community College.