When it comes to attracting top-notch candidates, time is of the essence. You want this job to be seen. So, what do you do? Make everyone and anyone aware of your opportunity.

For many hiring managers, the easy answer is: post a job description on as many platforms as possible. Indeed? Done. Monster? On it. LinkedIn? Check. Facebook? There too. Purple Briefcase? Give it a try. Oh, and don’t forget the company website!

The truth is, your ideal hire exists beyond over-crowded job boards on high-traffic websites, where, incidentally, your competitors are exhausting the same strategy.

How do we know? It’s part of our overall targeted recruiting strategy.
We’re constantly engineering new and fresh ways to engage with hard-to-source candidates. And guess what? We’ve already vetted the ones who have sent in applications through top job boards, which means you’re spending time and money re-recruiting candidates we already know aren’t the right fit.

Not to mention, the right candidates don’t even like engaging with job boards. Most consider it a black hole into which they blindly submit applications and never hear back.

So, if job boards are churning out mass volumes of the wrong candidates, upping your workload, and discouraging hopeful candidates, why are they still your go-to sourcing tool for job seekers?

You don’t need everyone and anyone to notice your job. You need the right people to notice.

That’s where we come in.
We don’t wait for the right candidates to find us — we find them. Job boards are just a fraction of the equation it takes to make that happen.

Want in on that?
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