Gen Z is starting to hit the workforce with a strong 72.8 million individuals. Gen Z includes anyone born from the mid – 1990s to the early 2000s. Which means their walking off the graduation stage and into the workforce, and it’s time to start preparing for this new wave of workers.

In order to prepare, it is imperative to understand the difference between them and the millennials that came right before. Stop rolling your eyes – yes we see you. We get that learning to understand the wants and needs of yet another generation seems daunting, but that’s why we put together these 4 straight to the point facts you should know.

More than Tech Savvy, Tech Native
Gen Zers are digital natives. They are the most web-savvy, app-friendly generation yet. Not only were they born in the era of smartphones, but they are used to running multiple devices at once. This has helped them to become extremely comfortable multitasking, but has contributed greatly to their short attention span – which on average is 8 seconds.
Takeaway: Gen Zers are more visual and a video or animation will resonate more with them then a long description. To attract Gen Z candidates, companies should look to digitize recruiting and disrupt recruiting norms by using technology to reach new talent pools at low cost.

The Most Entrepreneurial Generation Ever
Gen Zers are very entrepreneurial, they want to be heard, own their projects, and get recognition for their work. The newly developing high tech and highly networked world has resulted in an entire generation thinking and acting more entrepreneurially.
Takeaway: As a result of their entrepreneurial way of thinking, Gen Zers desire more independent work environments, and want to make sure that the years invested in their jobs will propel them forward on their journey of self development. Companies should create opportunities for younger workers to be visible to leadership and exhibit the entrepreneurial culture Gen Z is seeking.

A Resourceful and Competitive Nature
With the advantage of easier access to more information, people and resources than any prior generation, Gen Zers are incredibly self-reliant, resourceful and pragmatic. There’s a lot of rich information and content on the web and they know how to find it quickly, so they don’t feel they need to take a back seat to somebody just because that other person has more experience.
Takeaway: They value independence over collaboration. Companies will find greater success touting private offices and competitive salaries than teamwork and constant collaboration.

Value Human Interaction
Despite growing up in a fully digital age, Gen Zers are ready to put down their devices and engage in face-to-face interactions with co-workers and clients. They actually crave open conversations and value these interactions even more than other generations.
Takeaway: Contrary to popular belief Gen Zers don’t always want to be on their devices. Companies should play to this preferred method of communication with regular check ins.
Gen Z’s have grown up in incredibly complex and uncertain times, and they have adapted well by taking initiative, thriving in agile environments, and questioning status quo to identify if there is, in fact, a better way. By the end of this decade Gen Z will be emerging into the workforce so now is the time to prepare and anticipate their needs as employees.