You’ve just had an excellent interview with a potential new hire, you’re halfway through the hiring process and boomyou’ve been ghosted. It’s like that candidate disappeared off the face of the earth, and you can no longer get in touch with them. You’re probably thinking, how did this happen?

Maybe it was your company brand, the people, the interview process, or your messaging strategy – you may never know the answer. However, clear communication from your first interaction is always a key way to avoid being ghosted.

Ghosting works both ways – candidates don’t like it and neither do employers. So, what are your next steps if you keep getting ghosted by applicants?

Here’s what you should do:

Streamline your hiring process

You need to be prepared to respond to candidates quickly and efficiently before they disappear. It’s likely that a majority of candidates are already in the pipeline with multiple other employers, so make it a priority to connect with applicants right after they apply.

According to a recent staffing industry study, 35% of employers surveyed said they missed out on a potential hire in the last year by taking too long to make an offer.

This is why you should avoid over-crowded job boards, and streamline your hiring processes. Partnering with a staffing agency, like ETS, will give you the opportunity to work with recruiters who will make it their priority to fill your open positions.

Craft thoughtful, personalized messages 

You’ll want to make sure you’re engaging candidates the right way to encourage a response. Keep applicants updated on where they are in the hiring process. Craft thoughtful, meaningful messages to show individuals how they would be a valuable asset to your organization.

The key to avoid ghosting is to stand out among the rest. Be personable with your approach, and show a clear indication of next steps.

Define your company brand

Look inward and take an honest look at the workplace you have created. Make sure your company brand is defined and evident to candidates from their first interaction.

If your company’s branding strategy isn’t clear yet, this is likely the reason a candidate has disappeared. Take the time to figure out what makes your business unique and why it should stand out to applicants. Give them a reason to reply back and give your organization a chance.

Stay up-to-date

You can retain top talent by ensuring that your company policies, technologies and benefits stay up-to-date. Candidates want consistency and reliability in a workplace, so be clear about future plans and company values.

Now is the time to update your workplace if you haven’t done so already.

Ghosting happens to the best of us and it’s common for employers to experience this when candidates have multiple options to consider. Next time it happens, test out these tips and consider streamlining your hiring process.

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