Finding the right candidate in today’s marketplace may seem like an endless journey. Luckily, you’re not alone. There are thousands of jobs that need to be filled, but a lack of job seekers actively looking for a career. This can make finding candidates that are a good fit for your company a difficult process. However, we’re here to help. 

At ETS, we’ve been in your shoes before. When you’re short-staffed, it can be difficult to find the time to hire, let alone find a candidate that is the right fit for your open role. We can offer you a complete workforce solution, with the help you need to handle payroll, administration, hiring and more. We can find the right fit for your company, and give you the extra time to focus on your business – leaving you stress-free.

Today’s workforce environment can be difficult to navigate, but we’ve mastered some tips to help you stay committed to finding the right fit in a tight market:

Move Forward Quickly

Be prepared to move quickly once you have your ideal candidate. Don’t wait long to move forward with the next steps, they could have another offer on the table. Be prepared for potential counter-offers – persistence and patience is key. Sometimes it takes an extra nudge to get them to say “yes.” 

Skip the Search for Perfection 

Make sure the candidate you want actually exists – avoid perfection. Recognize that you may not find a candidate that checks off all of your boxes. Don’t focus on the imperfections, and instead, focus on the candidate – what they bring to the table and how they will mesh with your company. 

Communication is Key

Keep tabs on all of your potential candidates and communicate with them regularly. If your top choice doesn’t work out, you’ll want to have someone else on the back burner, especially in today’s tight market. Be honest and persistent with them throughout every step of the hiring process. If you keep consistent communication from the start, they’ll likely return the favor.

Be Honest

Be upfront with your job descriptions and what their day-to-day looks like. Avoid the unnecessary fluff that typically takes up space on a job ad and get straight to the point. Being honest from the start will ensure transparency between you and the potential candidate.

Market Your Brand

Your HR and marketing department will need to work hand-in-hand to get your brand out there. Potential candidates should be able to easily understand your company and its values. Being transparent about your company culture and mission statement is integral to candidates, and will bring you one step closer to finding the right fit.

Hiring right and hiring quickly can’t always happen at the same time. Sometimes it takes a decent amount of time to find the person who will meet the skill-set of the job, and fit in with your company’s culture. Let us help you face the realities of today’s marketplace with our HR solutions – live chat with us now to get started!