Facebook’s latest algorithm change has had one of the biggest impacts on the digital marketing world in the last few years. Here’s the lowdown.
Why it happened.
“People over pages” is the algorithm’s motto. It seeks to eliminate passive content consumption, meaning less updates from businesses popping up in your feed and more updates from friends and family instead.
What it means for you.
Let’s do a quick test. Scroll back to your last few Facebook posts and check the reach. Now scroll back a month or two ago and check the reach on those posts. Significantly higher, right?
Big staffing industry platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Facebook are continuously moving towards a more robust pay-to-play model, meaning there’s no way around it: small businesses and manufacturers with low ad budgets are going to lose out.
For businesses who saw successful engagement through a combination of organic and paid content, it means reevaluating seemingly tried-and-true strategies. The question on everyone’s minds is: how will I reach my audience?
What we’re doing about it.
When you build a brand solely around methods that are working in the moment, it can seem like the world is turning upside down when one small change forces you to readjust. At ETS, we’re no strangers to this. In the staffing industry, we experience frequent updates from the tech world, with companies always seeking new innovations to make processes more efficient and effective.
This means constantly being on the lookout for the next big success driver for marketing jobs and candidates. That’s why we use social media and communications platforms not simply for branding, but primarily for hiring. As such, it’s essential we stay ahead of the curve in a climate where marrying one strategy for something like job ads can make or break internal operations.
Furthermore, our strategies go beyond the big name social media platforms. Informed by AI machine learning, we have the internal manpower to stay all over industry-specialized markets and geographic candidate pools, enabling us to reach the talent you need — when you need it.
At ETS, we understand the risks that go hand-in-hand with innovation — and we’re ready and equipped to face them head on, so you don’t have to. From communications between recruiters and candidates to our job application and interview processes, our data-driven approach to determining successful campaigns ensures that, at the end of the day, it’s still all about people.