Step 1. Introduction (For New Clients)
When new clients come to ETS, we offer a complete introduction to set the stage for success. We gather basic information about the company to determine if their needs are congruent with our areas of expertise. When they are, we explain how we can help.
First, ETS and the client undertake a full briefing, in person if possible, to establish a close working relationship. We get to know the history, management, structure, culture, industry & services, goals, procedures, and anything else that will help us solve your problem. We then discuss and execute the Fee Agreement. With mutual trust and understanding, and a shared vision, ETS becomes a valuable extension to a company’s recruiting capabilities.
Step 2- Creating a Job Order
To initiate the search, each client is assigned to an ETS Recruiter who will establish a relationship and manage the specific searches at every point. A recruiter will reach out to the client for introduction and formalize the joborder. The Job Order contains the position description with prerequisites, compensation range, performance expectations, and measures of success. Each Job Order is unique to one position, as detailed as possible, so progress and candidate records can be kept accurately in our advanced CRM. During this same time, we establish the complete hiring
timeline- this includes scheduling first & second round interviews, additional steps, offer creation, and ideal start date.When possible, we encourage clients to conduct first round interviews at our local office during a consolidated time period. Through establishing the full hiring timeline early, ideal communication and expectations are defined for all parties involved, ensuring a great likelihood for success.
Step 3 – Broadcast Job Order & Perform Extensive Search
This step is very involved. All new Job Orders are disseminated within the team for collective review. We tap into our vast network of relationships gained over 34 years of business. We use industry-leading technology solutions, personal touch points, and effective marketing to find top talent. Through a proven recruiting and screening method, we seek talent in both active and passive employment statuses. This can include referrals from networking efforts, our extensive candidate database, recruiting platforms, and social-media outlets.
Step 4 – Interview and Assess
Once we have identified a list of potential candidates, we thoroughly screen to narrow down to a short list of those qualified, available, and interested. These candidates are carefully interviewed and assessed for their qualifications, compatibility, and willingness to make a career move. We also conduct professional references on all candidates that will be moving forward in the search.
Step 5 – Present Best Candidates and Confirm Interviews
As soon as 3-5 top qualified candidates emerge, your ETS recruiter will confirm the pre-arranged consolidated interview time slots. Once confirmed, ETS will schedule the interviews directly with the candidates. During this time, your ETS recruiter will share the background information for each candidate, which may include a resume, critical information unique to the search, compensation requirements, and any additional information requested.
Step 6 – Managing Interviews
ETS manages the interview process to establish interest, or not, quickly with each candidate. We schedule each interview, follow-up to debrief both parties, and assess if candidates who have interviewed are moving forward in the search. We understand that managing the interview process is critical to ensure a successful hire. At ETS, we place the utmost emphasis on establishing timely and honest communication lines for both clients and candidates alike.
Step 7- Pre-Offer Stage
Once a candidate emerges from the interview process as the decided favorite, ETS works closely with the client to structure an offer. Using decades of experience, ETS prefers to negotiate and settle all details before any offer is made. This includes base salary, bonuses, commissions, benefits, PTO, equity, and relocation. We are in a unique position to help both parties reach an agreement through honest and realistic negotiation. Sometimes we even draft an offer letter on behalf of our clients! Our involvement ensures a seamless and time-friendly approach to the offer process.
Step 8- Formal Offer and Acceptance Stage
The candidate is presented the formal offer verbally from an ETS recruiter. All details of the offer are carefully disseminated to the candidate. Once completed, the official offer letter is extended, signed by candidate, and returned to the client. Ideally, very little if any negotiation occurs at this stage because the offer pre-closed whenever possible. ETS rarely experiences a rejected offer because of a committed effort to prevent unachievable expectations through every stage of the search.
Step 9- Transition Stage
A series of critical events occurs once the candidate accepts the offer until the start date. Usually the candidate must resign from a current job, serve out a notice period, deal with counter offers, and possibly relocate. ETS is very engaged at this stage to give support and ensure a smooth transition.
Step 10- Guaranteed Period Touchpoints
Usually spanning the first 90 days, ETS is checking in with candidate and client once a month to make sure that the expectations of all parties are being met.
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