Beyond leading a successful staffing agency, ETS President and CEO, Deb Cleary, went the extra mile by founding Ready4Real, a non-profit dedicated to building bright futures for youth and young adults. This innovative program provides students with the essential skills and confidence they need to thrive in both their work and personal lives.

Imagine hundreds of students gaining valuable hands-on training thanks to the generosity of organizations like the Adirondack Foundation, Hudson Headwaters Foundation, and opioid settlement funding. Ready4Real goes beyond theory, offering workshops on professional skills development, health and wellness, finance, goal-setting and most importantly, real-world work experiences. This empowers them with the confidence and competence they need to step into successful careers.

Throughout the 2023/2024 school year, Ready4Real is working with Beekmantown, Chateaugay, Bouquet Valley, FEH BOCES and many more schools throughout Clinton, Franklin and Essex County. The Workforce Development Board’s In-School Youth programming allows us to serve youth in dozens of schools throughout the region.

It’s important to expose students to all sorts of different careers to open their minds to the possibilities that are available to them. Ready4Real provides hands-on experience that is so crucial. This includes internship opportunities throughout the region, expanding the reach beyond the classroom and creating a bridge between education and successful employment. 

Students have participated in internships at the Clinton County DA Office, Beekmantown Elementary, City of Plattsburgh Police Department, ADK Regional Theatre, Athletic/Personal Training at JS Fit, Clinton County Mental Health & Addiction Services, Technology Department at Beekmantown CSD and dozens of others! These partnerships give students the opportunity to develop real-world skills that align with their career interests.

Ready4Real is a program that empowers young minds to build bright futures. By joining hands with generous organizations and passionate educators, we have provided real-life work opportunities, created valuable hands-on training and ignited the potential within every student we reach.